Become Chase Great Certified In Your Niche’

We help Christian Female Startup Coaches discover and master their authentic message, massively increase their online visibility with their words, create and monetize their coaching programs in their niche’.

Start Your Training To A Six-Figure Coaching Business Today!

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In 6 Months Or Less,

Become Chase Great Certified In Your Niche’!

In just 3 Easy Steps take your coaching business from Start ➡️ Six-Figures. 

  • Discover and Master your Authentic Message  

  • Learn on-line marketing strategies to Massively increase your Visibility 

  • Create and Monetize your Signature Coaching Program that will bring you Six-Figures 

  • Determine Your Ideal Client with Clarity and Confidence

  • Access unlimited Course Training's and On-demand Coaching 

  • Take your coaching business from Start ➡️ Six-Figures



There are hundreds of Life Coaching Certification Programs, what makes this one different?

We are not a Life Coach Certification Program. Our program is uniquely designed to help you identify the problem you are called to solve in the lives of your ideal client and show up as the expert.

Do I really have to pay to become a Coach?

No, God has already given you that gift. Your investment unlocks step-by-step support, accountability and strategy to help build a Six-Figure coaching business.

I'm already certified. Why do I need this?

Our program provides continuous learning and on-demand training. Not only do we cover methodologies, framework and NLP techniques, but we offer business training, money making strategies to help you go from Start to Six-Figures, personal development and a customized experience.

The Coaching industry is over crowded, how will I stand out?

This is what makes our program so unique. Our training is designed to help you stand out! Once you've completed the program you will be able to stand as the expert in the industry with confidence and clients.

"In the first 30 days of joining the Niche' Certification Program, I secured my first client without being done packaging, promoting, and pricing my program. Not only did the client move forward, but she is paying a price that I honestly was afraid to disclose to her. I have secured my first $1,800 client! I am so overwhelmed! LaToya, thank you again for your guidance and pushing me to my fullest potential. Ladies, this is just a testament that our ideal Client is absolutely waiting for us!"


Identity Coach, Dora

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