What is Etiquette? 5 Reasons Etiquette Needs To Be Restored.

What is Etiquette? 5 Reasons is Etiquette Needs To Be Restored

Etiquette is the mystery word in 2020. In the day and an age that we live in currently, most people have no idea what this word denotes. Most people that have ever heard the word assume that forks and knives is the totality of the description of what etiquette truly is. What if I told you that etiquette is more than forks, knives and table settings?

Etiquette is the ability to conduct yourself appropriately in any setting. Etiquette is a continual set of choices to conduct yourself in a way that displays integrity, respect for yourself and others always. I am sure that having this word defined has completely changed your thoughts about this mystery word. In our culture currently etiquette has become a lost manners, polite conversation and overall proper behavior in many settings has been replaced with what television, music culture, youtube and tiktok.

I can remember numerous times where I witnessed my peers conduct themselves in ways that should have caused them to be so embarrassed but to the contrary, they were confident in their disfunction. As a younger woman I remember times where I did not always conduct my self in the right way but as I began to have children and mature, I realized how lost my generation and the generations after me would be without the proper skill, appropriate behavior and mindset. I am going to share four reasons with you why etiquette needs to be restored to this generation and the generations to follow.

Here are five reasons why etiquette needs to be restored:

1. Restore Femininity. The beauty of being a lady is much needed in this time. There is beauty in the way a lady carries herself with class, poise and integrity which is important because these characteristics help to produce self-confidence and proper self-worth. This ultimately creates another generation of young girls and ladies with healthy perspective of what it looks to love themselves. Being a woman is so much more than heel and dresses, it is the way she conducts herself in moments of stress, pressure, disappointment and loss. Etiquette is tool that allows you to know what, how, when and why you do things and every woman should learn to master these things.

2. Restore Masculinity. The honor of being a man in this generation has been lost. The chivalry of a man should not be foreign sight and the act of holding doors open, pulling out chairs or knowing the beauty and art of a tailored suit should be something man should experience. Unfortunately, in this time manhood has been defined the by the type of car he drives, how many women a man dates simultaneously which is not the truth. Etiquette teaching for men will provide them with confidence to become the person they desire; it will restore respect for themselves. These teaching will provide them will skills that will allow them to walk into any room and command it knowing they have the ability and right to display Learning these things will raise the mark for the expectations required for proper perspective on self-value and ultimately strong relationships, and true manhood .

3. Restore Strong Families. Families are the foundation of strong communities. The family structure is one that promotes healthy relationship and friendships. Etiquette skills promoted in the family unit helps to produce strong confidence in the security of healthy family structure. These teaching will increase confidence, and the knowledge of the importance of interpersonal skills. Etiquette teaching in this setting will give the parents the ability to impart proper perspective and build trust with their children by teaching them how to conduct themselves in any setting. These training for children in this relaxed atmosphere will prove to be less stressful and more effective because it proves a safe space to make mistakes and be corrected in love.

4. Build Strong Communities. Strong communities are the foundation to stronger cities. Etiquette skills in our communities will foster skills of professionalism, communication and a true sense of oneness. If we master etiquette skills in our communities, we have the ability essentially restore the sense of dignity, respect and honor amongst ourselves. Acknowledging the ability to conduct business in a high quality has the potential to bring more business into our much-needed areas. Most customers return to places where the customer service exceeded their expectations and they sense the spirit of community and family.

5. Creating Teachable Moments. I believe that each one should teach one. If each one of us took the time out to essentially teach our friends and family one skill set from an etiquette course you could help start a ripple effect. Knowledge is power and in order to change. If each of us corrected patterns of dysfunctional behavior it could be difference in creating the world, we want instead of what we currently have at this time.

Within the skillset that etiquette provides to each us, we can unlock our greatness potential. Etiquette can bring our dreams for ourselves, our children, our families, our business and communities into our grasp. I have given five reasons why we need to restore etiquette, but the reasons and benefits are endless. Choose today to be the change you desire.

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Christian Etiquette Coach Dominique Johnson


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