Chase the passion that solves a problem.

Coaches develop hidden talents and potential in others, so that they can mature and manifest. The field of coaching, while relatively new in the professional world, is a rapidly growing and evolving industry. Coaching can be defined as a practice based on assisting people in determining their goals, dreams, and aspirations. It includes, but is not limited to, guiding individuals or groups to a state where they are more aware of what they want and why they desire it. Coaches develop hidden talents and potential in others, so they can mature and manifest. 


Here at Chase Great, we take a step further by centering our coaching around bringing our clients into the realization of their life's purpose through identifying their niche' in coaching. We believe your purpose should be the driving force behind all our clients produce and create.

Our coaches are professionally trained through our subsidiary coaching institute and provided the necessary tools, Godly guidance, and resources to help clients reach their desired goal. Each coach is assisted in identifying their niche coaching area to ensure each believer receives maximum results. 


Our coaching community is designed to help coaches build their coaching business or career through our 5 level certification program. Our community will provide you with the exact tools needed to grow and develop personally and professionally through our virtual classroom, in-office support, additional training's, conferences and business building resources. We strongly believe coaching is a call and we want to ensure you have the right support and guidance while pursuing your life's assignment. 


The community will bring you among other believers who are creating a lane in the coaching industry. 

Our 5 level coaching program will provide you:


Clarity in your Niche'


Signature Coaching Programs

Niche' Specialty Certification

Unlimited Access to Training's

On-Demand Support, Coaching and Accountability

Community Benefits

  • Client Leads and Partnership Marketing

  • Digital Certification Seals for each Level

  • Website Marketing

  • Group Support

  • Weekly Group Coaching

  • Community Access

  • Monthly Group Mastermind Sessions 

  • (1) Private Coaching Session per month 

  • Company Discounts

  • Exclusive Community Access

  • Discover Call Monitoring and Tracking

  • Additional Stream of Income

  • Blog and Content Exposure

  • Referral Bonuses

  • 100% Virtual Training's

Our program will also help you:

  • ​List your certification for career promotions and advancements

  • Create your own lane in the coaching and corporate industry and build the life of your dreams

  • Learn how to use your coaching certification and climb the corporate ladder 

  • Provide your clients with a focus area and earn the income you deserve


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Obtaining my Specialty Coach Certification with Chase Great Enterprises exceeded my expectations, to say the least. This experience has not only taught me new coaching methods and connected me to a new network of coaches, but it developed me as an individual. The instructors are highly engaged, and spend extra time to ensure that students not only understand the responsibility of coaching, but that we also remain true to the lane in which we have been purposed to coach in. 


- Lanasia Angelina, Your Leaders Coach



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Multifaceted coaching resource for innovators seeking growth, fulfillment, and success in the areas of business, career, and lifestyle development.
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