Are you ready to go from Start to Six-Figures in your Coaching Business? 

  • Are you serious about building, growing and monetizing your coaching business? 

  • Are you searching for a Christian program that will partner with you during the process of growing your coaching business? 


  • Are you ready to speak directly to your ideal client and feel confident in your message?

We help Coaches  find their message, increase their  visibility and monetize their  coaching programs through Niche' Marketing and Certification. 

A Niche' Certification program that offers business building and money making strategies. 


Chase Great offers an on-demand coaching community that provides niche' certification, training, extensive  support and development in your coaching business.

Our online Coaching Program offers: 

  • Online courses and trainings

  • Monthly 1:1 Coaching

  • Monthly group coaching

  • On-demand coaching in our Facebook Community 

  • Daily support

  • Coaching and Business resources

  • Training Opportunities

  • Book Publishing

  • Accountability

Building a niche' focused coaching business will increase your Resultsand Revenue in business.  

Here's how we  help you do it: 

  • Discover the exact problem you're called to solve in coaching.  

  • Identify whose problem you're called to solve. 

  • How will you solve their problem. 

  • Increase your online visibility. 

  • Monetize your coaching programs.


We are real people looking to change real lives one person at a time!

  • The coachable Coach. 

  • The Coach who's ready to stop spinning their wheels and speak directly to their ideal client for maximum results. 

  • The Coach who's ready to find their message and narrow their niche' in coaching. 

  • The Coach who's ready to invest into their business, both time and financially. 

  • The Coach who's seeking accountability and support during their business growth. 

  • The Coach who's ready for consistent income in their coaching business. 

  • The Coach who's ready to meet their monthly income goals. 

  • The Coach who's ready to serve God in their coaching business unapologetically.

  • The uncoachable Coach. 

  • The Coach who has all the answers. 

  • The Coach who considers  this program not affordable. 

  • The Coach who considers their business as a hobby. 

  • The Coach who is not ready to put in the work for results. 

  • The Coach who isn't willing to be open minded and open to new concepts. 

  • The Coach who's not willing to serve God in their coaching business unapologetically. 

Level One Intro to Coaching provides 10 interactive pre-recorded modules. It will provide strategies and exercises that will help you discover your niche' and identify your target audience. Level One focuses on internal development of the coach and will provide clarity in the problem you are called to solve in coaching. Upon completion you will receive a digital announcement for your level completion. 

  • Narrow your niche' in coaching. 

  • Narrow down your target audience. 

  • Learn how to create your ideal client. 

  • Learn how to form the message that will attract your ideal client.

  • Learn how to build your coaching business through branding and marketing. 

  • Gain access to our signature coaching program to use with your first client. 

Level Two Getting Hired provides 4 interactive pre-recorded modules and bonuses that will share easy to apply business building strategies for coaches. This level will increase your online presence, automation, marketing and content management. Upon completion you will receive a digital announcement for your level completion. 

  • Creating attractive content that will speak directly to your client. 

  • How to price your coaching services according to your value not their budget. 

  • Mastering your message and telling your story. 

Level Three Niche' Certification provides 10 interactive pre-recorded modules that provides the ethics of coaching through fundamental practices. Specialty Certification focuses on the external development of the coach and will offer the opportunity to create signature coaching programs and methodologies. Upon completion you will receive an official Chase Great Niche' Certification Announcement, Certification and Seal.


  • Learn how to create your signature coaching program. 

  • Sharpen you framework and get results . 

  • Learn the ethics of coaching and your role as a coach. 

  • Learn about coaching methodologies, processes and systems. 

Are you ready to START your coaching journey? 

Speak with an Enrollment Coordinator Today!


Obtaining my Niche' Coach Certification with Chase Great Enterprises exceeded my expectations, to say the least. This experience has not only taught me new coaching methods and connected me to a new network of coaches, but it developed me as an individual. The instructors are highly engaged, and spend extra time to ensure that students not only understand the responsibility of coaching, but that we also remain true to the lane in which we have been purposed to coach in. 


- Lanasia Angelina, Your Leaders Coach


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