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Niche' Coaching Masters Program

Are you ready to shift your coaching business from six-figures to multiple six-figures?

The Chase Great Niche' Coaching Masters Program is powerful community created to advance your mindset, message and money in your coaching business. This Masters Program is for Chase Great Certified Coaches who are ready to apply pressure and scale into multiple six-figures. It's an advanced community designed to offer high-level support and strategy to tackle the challenges of business growth.


  • Access weekly group accountability and support

  • Access resources and trainings that will advance your coaching business

  • Scale your coaching business from Six-Figures to Multiple Six-figures

  • Coach My Life Anthology Placement 

  • Featured Speaker at the Coach My Life weakEnd

  • Chase Great Niche' Coaching Recertification

  • Core Strengths Certification 

  • Third Party Funding for New Clients 

  • Access to (2) Mastermind In-Person Retreats 

  • VIP Enrollment Only - Access (4) In-Person Mastermind Retreats

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