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Are you ready to Start, Grow and Monetize your coaching business in your niche'?

Guiding Christian Female Startup Coaches from

Start to Six-figures in their niche'. 

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Turn your coaching business from a passion project into a purpose driven, profit generating business.


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Become Chase Great Certified In Your Niche’ And Show Up As The Expert!

Tired of fumbling through free training and downloads trying to figure out how to start?


Do you have a gift in coaching and you’re struggling with putting all the pieces together to make it all work?

Have you been searching for a program that will teach you how to turn your gift in coaching into a six-figure coaching business?

Our program offers a step-by-step process that will help you Master and Monetize your message in coaching.  
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 Are You Ready To Master and Monetize your Message? 

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Join us for our 3 Day Live Experience, packed with strategies that will help you SHIFT into your Six-Figure Coaching business. 

Our dynamic speakers will bring you “right now” strategies that will take your coaching business from Start to Six Figures. 


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Become Chase Great Certified In Your Niche’ And Show Up As The Expert!

Discover and Master your Authentic Message

Massively Increase Your Online Visibility With Your Words

​​Create and Monetize Your Coaching Programs


Chase Great Enterprises 

Changing the momentum of your pursuit to six-figures!

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