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Brittany Collins, MKT Coach

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Join date: Feb 23, 2021


Brittany S. Collins is a Woman of God, Wife, Mother, Intercessor, Program Coordinator for a reading and literacy-based, non-profit educational organization. She is a Marriage and Children's Department Leader at Hope Evangelical Ministries. She is a Writer, Author, Teacher, and a growing Marketing Coach.

Brittany earned her Associate’s degree in Business with a Marketing concentration, Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a Marketing concentration, and Master’s degree in Management with a Leadership concentration.

Brittany Co-authored two Anthologies, Testaments from Survivors: Women Healed and Whole Volumes 2 and 3. The Anthologies are a compilation of writings from a group of women who were brave and bold enough to share their testimonies. Also, Brittany is a co-author of a new Anthology, The Fervent Prayers of a Mother.

Brittany has completed her first book of inspirational quotes titled “Honeybee Inspirational Quotes: A Positive Mind Will Produce Sweet Results. Honeybee Inspirational Quotes will be a series of books that will shift the mindset of the reader in a positive direction. Here is an excerpt from her book, “Like a honeybee that works diligently to produce something sweet, so we should be diligent in having a positive mind that can produce sweet results. If you have a positive mindset, positive actions will follow.”

Brittany is creating a workbook for start-up, service-based entrepreneurs to help them retain and increase profit through identifying their target audience and message marketing. Stay tuned.

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