Don’t Turn Back Now!

I really celebrate the relationship I have with the Lord. It’s constantly growing and moving, it’s exciting, it’s refreshing, it’s peaceful, it’s fun, it’s free, it’s loving, it’s safe and there are so many other words I could use to describe what I have with Him. I love Him so much! I know, stop with the mushy stuff right, lol, lol. But it really is how I feel and I can’t help it and frankly I don’t want to. I wouldn’t change a thing about it except that it would grow and flourish even more. It’s the best!

Well recently the weather here has been very windy. Honestly I don’t know if that’s normal for November or not. But it made me think about when the wind blows just how much damage it can really do. And in the midst of that the natural instinct is to go to a safe place, a place of cover, a place of protection. And that makes perfect sense right? Okay, you’re probably asking where I am going with this. Well the other day I talked about how life can be a lil turbulent at times but it’s no time to stop moving forward or lose momentum. But what I wanted to speak to you about today was if were not careful we can revert back in times of challenge.

I just spoke of how great our relationship with The Lord really is right? Well why does it seem that when things get a lil shaky or the winds pick up we do run for shelter but some run in the wrong direction. I’ve had conversations lately with those that have been going through quite a bit. And you encourage and pray with and for them but some just seem to revert back to old self, the old way of thinking, old habits, the old nature or maybe we can just call it what it is the familiar.

That’s right some of us go back to the familiar. We even see it in movies. You know when the main character is getting ready to be released from prison and he’s done all that is required of him and the board has deemed him as rehabilitated and fit to merge back into society. And things seem to go well for some time, but not long after that he is challenged with trying to feel normal again, trying to be productive all while trying not to get caught up in his old lifestyle and with those he used to run with. The struggle is real right?!