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Find a Christian Coach who can offer business strategies and clarity so that you can take your business to the next level. Schedule your complimentary discover call and connect with a Chase Great Niche’ Specific Coach and maximize your success.

Business Coaches

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Coach Brittany Collins
Confidence Coach

I EMPOWER service-based businesswomen to be the best version of themselves, so they can CONFIDENTLY SHOW UP in their business and attract their Ideal Client.

I specialize in confidence building and helping businesswomen attract their ideal client.

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Patricia Pearson
Business Success Coach

I help professionals turn their knowledge into multiple streams of income by creating a journal or planner so they can have more time, freedom, and flexibility.

I specialize in entrepreneurial success providing a tool for clients to use:

  • To solve unique problems for their clients

  • Generate multiple income streams

  • Provide a value-add product to other services provided

  • Generating more leads

  • Time freedom/leverage

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LaToya Early 
Vision Coach 

I help Coaches and Entrepreneurs align their personal purpose with their professional goals so that they can increase their impact and income in their organization. 

The topics I provide additional support is:

● Purpose-driven Messaging
● Niche' Marketing 
● Processes and Profit 

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