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Where Personal Purpose Meets Professional Success through Leadership Development!
"Helping leaders align their personal purpose with their professional goals."

We are passionate about helping leaders align their personal purpose with their professional goals. We believe that each individual has the potential to be a great leader, and our mission is to help our clients see the possibilities and unlock their potential for success.


We provide a comprehensive suite of services, from leadership coaching and workshops to one-on-one executive coaching. Through our programs, we offer practical solutions that help our clients to become more effective and impactful leaders.


Our team of experienced coaches provide insightful guidance and coaching services to help leaders identify their goals and develop strategies for achieving them.


We believe that with the right guidance and support, leaders can reach their full potential and thrive in their professional life. We are committed to helping our clients unlock their purpose and develop the skills and confidence to take on any professional challenge.

Upcoming Leadership Development Training
Are you ready to align your personal purpose with your professional goals so that you can increase your impact as a leader?

If you answered yes, here's why this training is for you!
1. Finding your purpose in your leadership position is the most important decision you can make in your career- it’s what will keep you committed and growing. 

2. Leadership development isn’t just for you it’s for the people you’re leading. Your intentional efforts will increase your impact as a leader. 

3. Innovation can be explored in the marketplace. Don’t be afraid to apply your unique self to your organization, growth is guaranteed when you’re solving a problem. 


Finding Personal Purpose in your Leadership Position: This highly engaged, interactive 4 week training focuses on self-reflection and introspection to help leaders discover their personal values, passions, and strengths. It explores how aligning personal purpose with your professional goals can enhance motivation and fulfillment.

Week 1: Pre-Work: Leadership Character and Skill Assessment. Private SIGHT Call to review Assessment and unlock 28 Strengths. We will use this so that you can understand who you are at your core as a leader and identify areas of improvement.

Week 2: Get clarity of your identity in leadership: identify and breakdown your purpose-driven transferable skills so that you can pivot in your current role and enhance your results.

Week 3: Align your purpose-driven transferable skill with your current position so that you can advance in your profession and reach your next level of success.

Week 4: Design a plan of strategic implementation so that you can see results in the next 30-60 days.

Virtual Leadership Development Intensive
Leadership Development for your Organization 
​■ As a leader, do you know how to bring out the best in each of your team members?

​■ Do you know what drives them to do their best work?

■ Is interpersonal conflict inhibiting your team’s ability to collaborate?

■ Are you making the right adjustments based on the needs of the situation and the people involved?

Our Leadership Coaching and Training will 
help you understand what drives people to give their best and love what they do.

Improve collaboration
Leverage differences and rapidly build trust to overcome innovation-killers and achieve goals.

Build better teams
Teams with resilient relationships achieve breakthroughs when others breakdown. Our training tool will help teams shape the conversations that solve problems and get work done.

Coach for performance
Turn leaders into effective coaches who elevate the manager-team dynamic, empowering them to rise to challenges, create opportunities, and respond to change positively.
We focus on the following areas for improvement: 
  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion 
  • Building High Performing Teams 
  • Conflict Management 
  • Change Management 
  • Leadership Development 
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Today's Marketplace Challenge

In order to adapt to change by rapidly changing marketplace, organizations must find ways to unleash the performance of individuals and teams through stronger, more productive relationships.

Working relationships between leaders and direct reports, among colleagues and across organizational silos are critical for long-term transformation as well as more finite change directives.


The data, in fact, supports the exigency of relationships in today’s marketplace:


of employees work in a matrixed environment that requires team members to develop diverse relationships


of employees said friendships at work are the most crucial element to a happy working life


increase in employee satisfaction when workers develop close relationships on the job

The training we offer and the tools we use are paramount to help organizations meet these challenges with leaders prepared to drive performance. Our training tools equips leaders to lead the ongoing work environment transformations required to deliver on new strategies, address competitive threats, meet evolving customer and employee needs, and remain resilient in the face of uncertainty.

What to Expect

Chase Great invites you and your fellow executive team members to an experiential, customized, workshop. In this workshop, you will master Relationship Intelligence (RQ), envision the impact it can have on transforming your organization, and learn how it can integrate into and complement your existing Learning and Development efforts.

During your team's session, as a Core Strengths master facilitator we will conduct a series of activities to help participants understand the proficiency of the SDI 2.0 assessment and the Platform.


Additionally, you and your team will learn same-day application of the platform’s real-time insights to improve interactions, prevent conflict, and build resilient relationships among team members.

Extend Your Learning Beyond the Classroom. 

During this tailored workshop, your team will discover how to:

■ Communicate effectively with your colleagues so you can achieve mutually beneficial results for your organization

■ Utilize healthy opposition instead of triggering unproductive conflict

■ Increase people’s commitment to and responsibility for achieving shared outcomes

The Power of Core Strengths

■ Assume a greater sense of ownership for producing results

■ Co-create a plan to integrate Relationship Intelligence to drive business objectives

■ Gain an understanding of how Relationship Intelligence can drive an ROI for their organization

Did you know that you have 28 Strengths? Our training includes in-depth strengths training that will show you how to use all of your 28 strengths to achieve your team goals. 

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How would you like to move forward and work together?

Executive Coaching

We believe that our clients are capable of everything they set their minds too. We specialize in helping C-Suite, Executive Leaders and Professionals align their personal purpose with their professional goals. We offer services such as 1-on-1 coaching, group training, and workshops to help you reach your highest potential.


We believe that having a clear sense of direction and purpose is essential for effective leadership development.


We take a holistic approach to leadership development, focusing on all aspects of life to give you the necessary tools to achieve success. Our team is passionate about helping you or your organization reach its full potential and become the leader you were truly meant to become.

During the individual or group coaching our goal is to provide a strategy that you can share with your organization that will encourage the implementation of actionable insight where you can:

Improve Self-Awareness - Examine behaviors, strengths and conflict in efforts to build innovation while rapidly achieving goals. 

Build better teams - How to create resilient relationships through creating conversations that solve problems and get work done.

Coach for performance - Share skills and strategies to shift leaders into effective coaches. 


Leadership Workshops

1/2 or Full Day Interactive Workshops | Assessment for each participant | Min. 10 Participants

Relationship Intelligence in Leadership: This training explores the importance of emotional intelligence in building strong relationships, managing conflicts, and motivating team members. It covers self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and social skills.


Finding Personal Purpose: This training focuses on self-reflection and introspection to help leaders discover their personal values, passions, and strengths. It explores how aligning personal purpose with professional goals can enhance motivation and fulfillment.

■ Team Leadership Training: This type of training focuses on equipping leaders with the skills to effectively manage and motivate their teams. It covers topics such as team building, conflict resolution, delegation, performance management, and fostering a positive team culture.

Whether you're looking to enhance your personal pursuit in leadership or build a leading team through influence and relationship intelligence we have the tools, training and strategies that will drive you towards achieving your goals. 


"We had the privilege of a leadership development session with LaToya utilizing the Core Strengths Assessment. This session was incredibly eye-opening, and led us to redefine, reevaluate, and shift our internal and external perspectives. LaToya led us through a journey of vulnerability, self-value, effort, service, ambition, and so much more, culminating with a concrete and personal action plan. Our time with LaToya was deeply powerful and I am full of gratitude for the experience."

Lindsey R. | CEO | WildChild Play School  

"Learning my core strengths and participating in this training was a game changer. Taking ownership to develop leadership styles and improve communication is a necessary step to strengthen, scale, and grow business. If you’re thinking about joining this, sign up today! You won’t regret it."

Jasmine P. | Executive Director | Southfield Chamber of Commerce

"I gained more knowledge and wisdom on how to leverage my strengths in my everyday life and business. I also learned the importance of having people who are knowledgeable in areas that I lack ability and experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the class. LaToya is certainly living in her calling. May God continue to empower her and her team. I pray that she will connect with more like-minded people who will propel her further in your destiny.Thank you so much!"

Sharda S. | Founder | Jireh's Society

"I knew I needed help, but I didn't know how I needed it! Joining Coach My Life by Chase Great Enterprises is an amazing step forward in my career goals. My Private SIGHT call helped organize my thoughts and gave me direction into not only how to do things but why I'm doing it. In a highly engaging 90-minute session, I received guidance in 5 key areas that are shaping my career  decisions as I move forward. I highly recommend that everyone who know they are called to something greater to trust Chase Great Enterprise as your godly counsel. One session is worth the investment!"

Loretta F.| Vice President | Skywest InFlight Association

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