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Chase Great University has one goal to inspire women to value their  Kingdom assignment and live an authentic life through coaching. 

Why niche' coaching? We believe coaching is more than a business, it's lifestyle. It's a purpose driven career that captures intimate life transforming experiences and adds meaning and value to life. We are the bridge between the struggle and the Savior and as Kingdom Coaches it is our responsibility to be the example.

Niche' Coaching allows the Coach to live as evidence that the solution they have to a problem is successful. Your coaching niche' is not defined by what's popular or what's profitable, but what's purposeful. It provides the freedom to focus on the problematic area the Coach once experienced and guide those who are seeking a solution. 

LaToya Early


LaToya is a wife, minister, mother of three amazing young men, Vision Coach, Empowerment...


Yatara Reed

Creative Lead

Yatara is known for her creative and unusual event ideas, transforming unconventional...


Jasmin Pittman

Director of Client Success

From inception Jasmin Pittman has been unique and peculiar. She has a great love for God, Family...


Sandra Cobb

Client Engagement Manager

Sandra Cobb’s passion for community outreach and empowering others through education and... 

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