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Jasmin Pittman

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From inception Jasmin Pittman has been unique and peculiar. She has a great love for God, Family, Friends and the City of Detroit. She never meets a stranger and has a magnetic personality that has drawn people from all over the world to her.


She is the CEO and Founder of several companies that includes Hey Sis!, and Maximum Solutions. Hey Sis! Is the avenue through which she is currently hosting her Cocktails and Conversations gatherings to educate, inspire and catapult those who attend to the next level in their lives and business. She attended college where she pursued a degree in Political Science and English but after deep thought and talking it out with those she confide in she began a new path that she felt God had called her too.


This new path resulted in Jasmin starting her first nonprofit Imagine that Consulting. Through this vehicle she started working with several tutorial programs with students who qualified for free tutoring through the Federal No Child Left Behind Act. She began as a Consultant, moved to Marketing Director and quickly transitioned to Texas as the Regional Director for 1on1 Education.


After spending six years in Texas she transitioned back home where she worked as the Senior Training Manager for Dialog Direct where she managed sites both domestic and international.


As a Philanthropist, Jasmin supports several local businesses, nonprofits, Ecclesiastical institutions and other entities where she advocates for children, the homeless and other underserved aggregates. Since her youth Jasmin has always availed herself to her peers with a listening ear and kind words; helping them come up with solutions to their problems by guiding them to the applicable resources. So, it is no wonder that all of her life has been built up towards today where she has become a Solutions Coach with a heart for the people.


Personal Mission statement: To use my gifts and abilities to inspire, help, and improve the lives of others by equipping them with the tools and resources to pursue the life they were purposed to live, value, and produce more profit in their business.


LaToya Early



LaToya is a wife, minister, mother of three amazing young men, Vision Coach, Empowerment Trainer, six-time author, and founder of Chase Great Enterprises where she coaches Christian female startup coaches in her niche􏰃. Chase Great is a coaching resource for individuals who are looking to hire a coach or become a coach. LaToya is a purpose enthusiast who is committed to helping Coaches go from start to six-figures in their coaching business. LaToya has creatively organized a community of coaches where she teaches her customized niche coaching and certification program.

While working in her company full-time, LaToya has published several personal development books and organized three volumes of the Coach My Life anthology. She has been honored by her home city Detroit, Michigan with the Spirit of Detroit award, received entrepreneur of the year and has been recognized by business and organizations for her ability to help coaches and entrepreneurs dig deep and build businesses that solve problems.

She has been featured on an array of inspirational women blogs, television, radio and podcast shows; she has keynoted conferences, women empowerment events and commencement ceremonies.

LaToya is focused on helping 1000 start-up coaches start, grow, and monetize their coaching business over the next 12 months.

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Sandra Cobb


As a beacon of hope, love and light, author, speaker and forgiveness coach, Sandra L. Cobb is on a mission to help people worldwide live out their God-given purpose. While many people feel they can’t forgive, she believes there is no life fulfillment without forgiveness. Stuck in unforgiveness for months after the murder of her sister, Sandra realized she was no longer living—she was simply existing. Without anyone by her side to guide her through the forgiveness journey, she found herself trapped in a place she knew God didn’t intend for her to be. It wasn’t until God spoke to her through a dream that she realized the root to her anguish was unforgiveness. From that point on, she made it her mantra to make sure that Christian women wouldn’t suffer like she did. 

In her signature program, Free to Forgive, Sandra helps clients break free from unforgiveness due to life-altering events. In her debut book, she unlocks others who are bound by the pride of unforgiveness—ushering them into a life of passion, liberty and hope. 

Holding a Bachelor of Family Life Education from Spring Arbor University, and a Master of Religion from Ashland Theological Seminary, Sandra is also an ordained elder at Second Ebenezer Church in Detroit, Michigan. Affectionately known to many as “Thunder,” as a true, unadulterated worshipper, she is intentional about making sure everyone she encounters experiences an authentic relationship with God and is well known for her transformational teaching that shifts the hearts and minds of those around her.

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Brittany Collins



Brittany Shavonne Collins is a Woman of the Most High, Wife, Mother, Intercessor, Teacher, Children’s Ministry Director, Writer, Best-selling Author, Marketing Coach, and Program Manager for a reading and literacy-based, non-profit educational organization. 

Brittany has been married to David Collins for 14 years, and she is a mother of two (Kaiyah and Daviyd). Brittany serves as Co-director alongside her husband of Keeping the Flame Alive, a marriage ministry at Hope Evangelical Ministries under the spiritual leadership of Dr. Frankie H. Young, Apostle and Founder. 

Brittany S. Collins earned her Associate’s degree in Business and Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a Marketing concentration. She earned a Master’s degree in Management with a Leadership concentration. Currently, she is pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Education. Brittany has over ten years of experience in Retail, Customer Service, Sales, Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. 

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Elise Perry



I am Elise Perry, Grief Coach. I help Millennial Women living with a Chronic Illness create work life balance through self acceptance and accountability. 

I am a wife, Sickle Cell Warrior, and a lover of shoes. 

I was born in Detroit, MI. I’ve experienced a lot early on in my life. Losing my father when I was eleven, my mother when I was 23, and my grandmother when I was 25 caused me to become hospitalized after each death. I’ve learned that grief was a huge trigger for me. Some people grieve the life they had prior to their diagnosis. I never knew what that looked like. I was born with Sickle Cell. 

Helping women through the grieving process after a diagnosis, create a normalcy that works for them and manage their time to maintain a healthy lifestyle is what God created me to do. 

There is life after diagnosis it took me some time to realize this. Now that I know, I am able to share with the world that living with a Chronic Illness is not a handicap it’s your reason to live life on your terms.


Latresa Rice


Born and raised in Detroit, MI, Latresa Rice is a mindset coach, esteemed author, licensed master social worker and motivational speaker. Ms. Rice has received a dual bachelor’s degree with honors in Psychology and Communications with a focus of Public Relations/Corporate Business from the University of Michigan-Dearborn in August of 2004. In April of 2006, she received a Master of Social Work degree with focuses in Management of Human Services, Community and Social Systems with a minor in Community Organizing from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. Lastly, she received a Master of Science Administration degree with a focus in General Administration and a Human Resource Management certificate from Central Michigan University, in 2014. 


From 2013-2015, Ms. Rice was the delegate for Precinct 5 in the City of Westland. In 2009, she established “It’s Time Enterprises”- a motivational speaking company dedicated to empowering others to overcome the barriers they face in life and possess their dreams. During the time she taught youth in grades K-12 and small business owners the art of public speaking, she published her first book titled, “Gate to Life: You Choose the Life that You Shall Experience in 2014.   To date, Ms. Rice has published three books, and she wrote the Forward in the bestselling book titled, "Faith, Failure, Success: Stories Along the Entrepreneurial Journey”.

Currently, she is writing three books, building her mindset coaching/therapeutic business called, "Royal Clarity View LLC" and preparing to record a new song that was previously written and sang to her husband during their wedding in 2019, prior to his untimely death from COVID-19. Ms, Rice is a firm believer that no matter what you go through, God is always present and willing to help you get through it, you just have to look for the light in every situation.


Demetrious Early



Demetrious Early has gone by many names but it wasn’t until purpose finally reared its face that one named would stick! The Dad Coach.


Demetrious being a father of 3 growing you men decided to step away from being opinionated and became to position himself to share his personal testimony and plant a few seeds about the importance of FatherShip. (The impact the relationship between a father and his children has on the world).


Fatherlessness has plagued many communities and the statistics of the effects it’s had on the children hits close to home so in 2020 The FatherShip Project was Born officially. The project is to reconcile fathers with their sons and for their children to recognize and heal from that disconnect.

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