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Find a Christian Coach who can offer  strategies and clarity to a specific area of your life so that you can live in abundance and freedom. Schedule your complimentary discover call and connect with a Chase Great Niche’ Specific Coach and maximize your success.

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Forgiveness Coach
Coach Sandra Cobb

I help Christians who have experienced the murder of a loved one and other traumatic events to re-engage in their life through inner healing and forgiveness.

Through my Free to forgive Coaching programs, I help people:
● Apply practical, biblical keys to heal internal wounds 
● Dismantle common misconceptions about forgiveness 
● Experience the ultimate benefits of forgiveness 
● Apply eight signature keys to orchestrate a pathway to forgiveness

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Latresa Rice.jpeg
Latresa Rice
Mindset Coach

I help bereaved Christians regain hope by rediscovering their identity and healing through writing.

I specialize in:

  • helping others regain hope for the future following the loss of a loved one.

  • helping others rediscover who they are in Christ

  • helping others write and publish their stories. 

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Voice Coach
Coach Stacey Robinson

I empower women who feel silenced due to rejection to break free from self doubt and speak unapologetically.

Women speaking out with freedom and not apologizing for words or freedom of identifying who they are.

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Self Coach
Coach Tiffany Shoemaker

I help solo moms overcome limitations, insecurities, and expectations by increasing self-awareness for empowerment beyond motherhood.

I specialize in helping women to become aware of their recurring responses to past traumatic experiences in their present circumstances, and equipping them to take away the power, impact, and influence of those circumstances by centering God within the S.E.L.F. (Sentiments (thoughts), Emotions (feelings), Language (voice), and Function (actions).

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