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3 Ways to increase your invisibility and standout as an expert in the marketplace.

3 Ways to increase your invisibility and standout as an expert in the marketplace.

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3 Ways to Increase Your Visibility and Stand Out as an Expert in the Marketplace.

If you're spending hours trying to figure out how to be seen, heard and hired in the marketplace as a faith-driven coach, then keep reading because this is for you. 


What if I told you, the key to building a profitable coaching business isn't in marketing what's popular or profitable (I know, they told me the same thing), but in what truly aligns with your life's purpose. 


Would you believe me? 

remember feeling like I was running in circles when I first started my coaching business. It wasn't because I was uncertain that it was my life's call, it was because I struggled with finding my niche' and crafting a marketing message that spoke from a place of purpose instead of what was popular. 

Does this sound familiar? 

Influencers, Coaches and Google told me to find a niche' people would pay for, but I found myself getting so tangled up in the chaos that I started to lose focus of why I started coaching in the first place. 

When my niche' started to align with my life's purpose business went from chaos and confusion to coherent and consistent cash flow. 

The problem you're called to solve through coaching should reflect your life's purpose so that it can organically increase your visibility and establish you as an expert in the marketplace.


I am Vision Coach LaToya Early, founder of Chase Great University, a niche’ certification company for Christian Coaches who are ready to start, grow and monetize their coaching business in their niche’ without compromising their Kingdom assignment. 

I want to help you align your life's purpose with your coaching message so that you can generate the profit you desire. 


Building a profitable coaching business will take more than just creating a beautiful website or making trendy reels hoping they go viral.


It will require you to dig deeper into your life's purpose and learn Kingdom strategies that will establish you as an expert and increase your visibility. 

  • Align your life's purpose with your coaching message. 

  • Start, grow and monetize your coaching business in your niche' using Kingdom strategies. 

  • Learn how to craft a message that speaks to your ideal client without compromising your Kingdom assignment. 

  • Connect with a faith-driven community that will walk your process with you. 

Your next level will require more, are you ready to commit to your more? 

If the answer is yes, then schedule your call with a Chase Great Enrollment Coordinator today! 

Your next client will be attracted to your purpose NOT your popularity. 


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