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Close Your Eyes

Take a moment, sit back in your chair and close your eyes. Can you see it? Your future, the place that releases dopamine through your entire body and creates intentional behaviors that forces you to chase the dreams only you can see with your eyes closed shut. Okay, let’s try it again. Close your eyes, can you see it? That image of destiny that only you can see, that image of freedom that only you can define, that image that identifies your self-worth, value and social validity. Yes! That image.

Hey you, that business you’re building, don’t get discouraged. See, you must constantly remind yourself that the image of destiny that was shared through your imagination was the infinite power that confirms the realness of God. I mean really, with as much doubt and fear that we come up against as entrepreneurs how could we possibly still be capable of seeing an image so amazing and so bright. An image that only we can see with our eyes closed shut. I mean let’s think about it, you shared the idea with your friends and they told you, you were crazy. You shared it with your parents and they told you to get a job. You looked to your left and you looked to your right and you just couldn’t seem to find anyone who could see the same image you saw with your eyes closed shut. I mean the image has to be real right, it keeps surfacing in your thoughts and hiding in your dreams. Every time you attempt to move on with life that image just continues to find its way right smack in the middle of your thoughts. How do you move on with an image that no one else can see, but you? I mean, it has to be real right?

Have you ever thought that every time you closed your eyes the images that played like an ole school black and white film on a projector was the image God had created for your life far before you were born. Have you ever thought the reason others can’t see the image is because God didn’t design the image for everyone to see? Or maybe, the image is so intricate in detail that it can’t be explained through words only in action. Just maybe the image that God continues to repeat over and over in your thoughts is a reflection of the image He created you in when He made you fearfully and wonderfully in His image and others can’t see it because you haven’t shown them His image through you?

Entrepreneurship is a call, and not everyone was called to it. The images that are playing in your imagination like a broken record wasn’t designed for entertainment it was established as destiny. Now my friend, the question is what are you willing to do to turn that image that only you can see when your eyes are closed shut into an image that the world can see through your artistic ability to create a new innovative formula through your services or products that will change the world, all from His image.

Here are 21 ways to seeing bigger in your business:

21. See it with your eyes closed shut. Stop living by coincidences and luck, those things aren’t what will keep you committed to image or the dream. Begin looking through the lenses of life from a different perspective. The only way to change the way you view things is if you change your point of view. You have to want to succeed so bad you can see with your eyes closed shut. You have to see when no one else can.

20. See it in your doubt. One of the hardest things as an entrepreneur is being able to see the image when you’re doubting whether the image even exists. God want’s us to ask Him to make our image clear through faith and never doubting that He will. Doubt is a feeling of uncertainty. You have to be certain that the images you’ve been given will turn from a thought into a reality.

19. See it in your fears. Fear is a mental illusion that produces thoughts of impossibility. Anything you imagine is possible, what it will take to make what you think is impossible possible is up to you. Be strong and courageous, fear not, do not be afraid. (Deut. 31:6) If God brought you to it. He’ll bring you through it.

18. See it when you’re broke. One of the best things about being created in God’s image is, He created us with the power to gain wealth. One of my favorite reminders, “You ask god to make you a millionaire. He said, “Here take this image and make millions”. Don’t allow your current financial setback to keep you from chasing the dream. Whatever distraction can keep you from chasing the dream it will. Figure out how to maintain your finances while building the dream, but don’t abort the dream. Lack of finances is a trick to trick you out of your destiny.

17. See it in your lifestyle. You can’t just think about it, you’ve got to be about it. Your lifestyle is a direct reflection of your brand. What are you expecting people to sow into? You can’t expect God to move in your business when you aren’t showing Him your dedication. Remember, He created you in His image with an image, be sure people can see the image of Him before you expect them to see the image He’s given you.

16. See it when you wake up in the morning. Did you know we have the power to tell our day how it will go (Job 38:12)? Your day should start with positive affirmations. Whether you say them in the mirror or your morning commute, make sure you are constantly feeding you images life. Wake up with a purpose, don’t wake up dreading the day. Know God provided you want more day because of the images He’s provided to you.

15. See it in your words. The power of death in life is in what you say (prov. 18:21). What you say, should reflect what you desire to see. We can sometimes become so comfortable or frustrated with our situation we say things that could truly jeopardize our results. Every word is a seed and once spoken into the universe some way, somehow, a harvest will form. Be intentional with your words, use them to build not destroy. Say what you seek until you see what you’ve said.

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Be Blessed,


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