Six Eye Conditions That Cause Entrepreneurs to Struggle And Tips to Overcome Them!

Johnny: “Man, what happened?” screamed Johnny after his friend Tom crashed his car into another car on the freeway.

Tom: “Sorry John, the car was too close to me, and I didn’t see it.”

Tom suffered from a condition known as farsightedness. Farsightedness is a condition in which people can usually see objects that are farther away, but they struggle to see objects that are close to them. Just like Tom suffered from farsightedness, many new entrepreneurs struggle with farsightedness. For example, many new entrepreneurs can see the millions of dollars that their business will make in the future; but fail to “see” or take the steps necessary to properly structure their business in order to prepare for the future they see; thus, causing them to “crash” i.e. fail before they ever really get started.

Just as farsightedness can cause a new entrepreneur to fail before they actually get started, many other vision disorders can present issues for the entrepreneur and will require correction if the entrepreneur is ready to see their baby (new business) blossom. Some of these disorders include a lazy eye, nearsightedness, nystagmus, sty and retinitis pigmentosa. When someone suffers from a lazy eye, that person has either lost or lacked the development of clarity of vision in only one eye. This lost or lack of development of clear vision is not because of an eye health issue and it can’t be corrected by using eyeglasses or contacts. In order to correct this issue surgery is required. An entrepreneur that suffers from a lazy eye has either lost or lack of development of clarity of vision in only one area of business: typically this revolves around how the entrepreneur will market their product or who their target audience shall be. This critical error can cause the entrepreneur to have difficulty seeing the proper steps that he/she should take in order to move their company forward and becoming financially successful. This type of error in vision cannot be corrected by simply asking someone else what they should do. Surgery will need to be performed on this entrepreneur in order to help him/her determine his/her mission and vision for the company and ensure that all marketing efforts line up with the vision.

It is important for entrepreneurs to address the condition of a lazy eye just like they should address any issues of nearsightedness. Nearsightedness is a condition in vision that causes people to be able to see close objects, but any objects that are further away are blurred. Entrepreneurs who suffer from this condition have the ability to set small goals that they can address now such as establishing the right structure for their business, yet they struggle to determine what they want the future of their business to look like. These entrepreneurs say things such as “I want my business to grow,” “I want my business to be profitable,” “I want to be able to help others with my business” etc. You may be saying to yourself, “What’s wrong with those statements?” The issue is that these entrepreneurs have not taken the time to specifically plan what they want to see in the future of their business. For example, if this condition was corrected in the business owner who said, “I want my business to grow,” their statement would change to something like, “I want to establish five stores within the next 5-7 years of establishment of my first store” or “I want to publish my first book within 12 months and launch it as a movie within the next 3-5 years”. In order for an entrepreneur to see clearly, you must first have clear and concise goals.

Although it is important for entrepreneurs to have clear and concise goals, many entrepreneurs suffer from another vision condition known as nystagmus. Nystagmus is a condition that causes a person’s eyes to make repetitious uncontrolled movements which typically causes the person to experience reduced vision. In entrepreneurs, this occurs when they do the same things over and over again at unscheduled times, which causes them to consistently reap no results and drift further into doubting their businesses ability to be viable.

In order to correct this issue of vision, an entrepreneur must become strategic with regards to their marketing efforts. For example, if the prime time for your clients to watch the television is at 10:30pm, then you should acquire a commercial for that time slot. It is futile to repetitively use the same marketing techniques at non-strategically scheduled times. Get creative in your marketing strategy! If you fail to do so, you will become frustrated, broke and have difficulty seeing your business as the gold mine that it has always been destined to be. No one wants to struggle to see their business in a favorable light, but if the above mentioned eye conditions (a lazy eye, farsightedness, nearsightedness, nystagmus) are not addressed, ultimately any entrepreneur would suffer from a sty. A sty occurs when an oil gland in the eye lid is infected. In the entrepreneur, a sty occurs when doubt begins to set in; thereby, blocking your vision. If this condition is not corrected, then many entrepreneurs will experience retinitis pigmentosa – a group of disorders that one inherits that causes poor night vision and progressive loss of side vision. Entrepreneurs who experience retinitis pigmentosa have difficulty seeing their business’s potential in the midst of hardships and they have difficulty seeing or accessing the support systems that have been connected to them. If these conditions are not corrected, then the business shall not last more than 3-5 years.

Some of you who have dealt with the loss of a loved one and you know that God has called you to publish your story, don’t believe that you are an entrepreneur. I challenge you to recognize the truth. If you have been called to write a book about your story, then you have been called to entrepreneurship. Your book is the beginning of over seven streams of income. Pain owes you a return for what you have gone through, but it is up to you to receive it. I challenge you to recognize if you are dealing with any of the previously mentioned eye conditions (farsightedness, a lazy eye, nearsightedness, nystagmus, sty and retinitis pigmentosa) and do something about it. One step in the healing process is to connect with me.

I am Latresa Rice, your mindset coach. I help bereaved Christians regain hope by rediscovering their identity and healing through writing. Are you ready to see properly and write your story? If your answer is “yes,” let’s talk soon. Schedule a royal meeting with me by visiting

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