Life Beyond Trauma: 4 Steps to move beyond your trauma.

Trauma Recovery Coach, Felecia Coleman

Trauma has no boundaries. It can happen to anyone of any age. It can impact any sex, race, creed, or color. Although it may be handled differently based on one’s upbringing and/or life experiences no one is exempt.

Trauma is real, it is beyond time to move beyond our trauma to a place of healing. As a Registered Nurse and minister of inner healing and deliverance I know how deeply hidden trauma can be to an individual. The impact it has on one’s life can be very devastating.

Our bodies have an innate response to trauma. Science calls it the general adaptive system. When we experience a stressful incident our brains go into survival mode and begin fight, flight or freeze. The only goal at this point is to survive. Our bodies respond with different symptoms during this time. When our minds experience this absent a threat it is draining.

I have learned that we must deal with all situations eventually, or they will continue to control us. Then there are trauma related triggers. A trigger is something that when it happens it causes one to respond. Frequently when the person responds he, or she does not know what they are responding to or why because it is laying deep in the subconscious.

We can talk all day and night about what trauma is and how it happened but what’s most important is how do we get beyond trauma? I think that most of the time we think if we can see the problem we can solve it alone.

Very seldom do we know how to solve that problem or where to begin. Because more than not people who have experienced trauma don’t see anything wrong and most of the time feel that they have healed. It takes another person who is removed from the situation to help them to see the problem and to come up with solutions to that problem.

That is where inner healing comes in, trauma must be healed from the inside out. It may require experts such as coaches, therapists, psychologists, and even more advanced care with a psychiatrist. Having a safe place to go and someone to help reveal the issues, set goals, create action plans, and make us accountable is what we really need. I say us because I have gone through many traumas from rape, domestic violence, rejection, abandonment, and I thought I had it all under control when really it was controlling me.

It took another near fatal trauma to wake me up and help me to see that I needed to really be healed from not just the physical damages from the accident but the mental, emotional, spiritual, and even financial trauma that I had experienced.

In the past I have gone through and ministered inner healing and deliverance and thought I was healed. I kept saying, “I’m good”. I said I was good so much until I almost psyched myself into believing that I was good until the triggers appeared and I would be crying or hurt and not understand why.

Will Smiths unresolved childhood trauma came to haunt him. In his books he talks about his experiences as a child. He discussed how he felt helpless and like a coward when his Father beat his mom and he could not help her.

At the Grammys that helpless little boy stood up. He was now a grown man who could do something. The trigger of the past caused a reaction that could potentially ruin his present and future life.

The good news is that there is life on the other side of trauma. One can recover from trauma with the proper help. There are just somethings in life that we cannot do alone. We need someone who has either been through it and overcome or someone who has been trained or both. The life you envision is waiting just beyond your trauma.

Yes it will be difficult, but it will be worth the wait. Sometimes healing from trauma requires coaching and professional help. Never be afraid to get the help you need so that you can be whole. When trauma has us grasped in its clutches we are not able to live fruitful lives. We isolate ourselves from others because we don’t feel like we fit anywhere. We feel unloved and unwelcome, and we tolerate things that we would not ordinarily tolerate just so we have someone to talk to but being healed is so much more rewarding.

Do you want to continue to just exist, or do you want to live? Do you want to do the things that you dreamed about, but thought was impossible? Let’s start with adjusting your mind and attacking those traumas one at a time and rebuilding your life one second at a time.

Steps to move beyond your trauma!

See the process I have used. Here are a few of the many steps I took to move beyond my trauma. I call the process the path to getting beyond your trauma. There are four steps.


Pray ask the Father to reveal the areas in your life that need to be healed.


You must acknowledge the trauma that is revealed and face it, don’t shrink back. Look at the details remember what happened, who did it, what you felt, how old you were. Write down every detail. This step helps to uproot everything. Only what is revealed can be healed.


You must accept that it happened and talk with your coach or therapist about it to begin the healing process.


Forgive yourself, forgive God and forgive the person(s) that hurt you! Whether dead or alive forgive everyone who played a role in your traumatic experience and release it.

You will know you are healed when the pain/triggers no longer exist.

How you are living now does not have to be how your story ends. Recover from past trauma NOW!

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