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Let your strengths speak loudly.

Are your strengths speaking loudly to your target audience?

Why is this important?

We spend so much time focusing on what we're not good at we talk ourselves out of forward moving experiences. This does not mean we don't work on the areas we aren't strong in it simply means we have to learn how to maximize what we CAN do before we cancel ourselves out for what we CAN’T do.

When your clients or potential clients can see your strengths, it creates an attraction for them connect to you. It gives them the assurance that you know what you are talking about.

It is extremely important to center your content around your niche' and expound on different solutions within your niche' using your strengths.


My niche' is Vision (Faith and Wealth).

My strengths are:

1. Taking a thought and expanding it to a tangible experience.

2. Identifying several streams of income with one business idea.

3. Seeing opportunity in obstacles.

4. Creating faith driven content.

5. Application and deadlines.

How will I implement my strengths into my content and coaching strategies?

Creating content that focuses on each strength within my niche and provide the client with easy to apply solutions.

Your strengths should also be recognizable in your marketing. It is our responsibility to ensure your clients are fully aware of the solutions you have to offer them as a coach (motivational vs. transactional). This is what will bring in more clients.

How do I implement my strengths into my coaching?

1. Write down your strengths. These strengths should include character and skill strengths within your niche.

2. Discover how your strengths can help your client through their problem. You want to focus on your strong areas. Don't try to walk your client through a problem you are comfortable with providing an effective solution.

3. Exercise your strengths daily and be confident. The more you work on what you're good at doing the more confident you will become while coaching. The more confident you become the more you will be willing to learn (and strengthen the areas you aren't as strong in).

Share your example below:



How you can use your strengths to gain clients?

Knowing where you are strong increases your capability of providing a solution.

Your Vision Coach,

LaToya Early


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