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How are you building a 6-figure business to start your coaching business?

Vision Coach, LaToya Early

The one thing that every business coach wants is to be able to take the leap and start their own business. Many of us have a hard time because we're scared about making the wrong decision! Well, I’m here to help you take that leap of faith boldly in your business. There's no need to worry any more! In this blog post, I'll discuss how you can build a 6-figure business and use it as leverage in your coaching business. You can get access to my private community by signing up to my email list. In addition, please checkout our Clubhouse conversations where we give a ton of tips and strategies that will assist you. Clubhouse conversation today, we outlined the planning, preparation, and production phases of an ideal 6-figure coaching business. All the steps in this blog should be read carefully if you’re serious about your coaching business! Take the right steps in order to make your coaching dreams come true. So what are you waiting for? Read on!

Planning your coaching business is a lot of work. Still, there is a great opportunity for you to plan for your future while embracing the present. What does planning mean? For example, are you planning out your content a month in advance as a coach? This will allow you to free up more time in your business! The time you spend planning for your coaching business today will pay off in the long-term. Consider how your community learns. You can create different forms of visual, written, and oral content if you plan ahead. This way, you are creating quality content that educates and informs clients about how they can grow their community. This applies for both new coaches as well as current coaches looking to learn more!

Ready or not, here they come! Do you have any online deals or promotions for your community? You know that it's never too early to start preparing your coaching business with online products. This gives you the opportunity to hit 6-figures faster. As you develop a passive stream of income, you make money in your sleep. Use the time you're managing to prepare now instead of having to do all those tedious activities later. In order for everything to be ready, prepare research and analytics so you can get a gauge on the market. Know the specific audiences you are targeting so they can get excited about who you are moving forward. Be confident, bold, and courageous as a 6-figure coach! It’s your brand identity. You have to believe it’s possible to get great results after working smart with a team beforehand.

Here’s a quick tip as I get into my last piece of advice: Try using a passive voice when in a consultation as a business coach! What I mean is always let your client believe that they can command a room. As your potential clients begin to speak with confidence, they will believe in the transformation you’re creating for them. It's important to be informative, engaging and transparent with the potential client. One of the most important things you can do to prepare for your 6-figure coaching business is to show off how much value you will provide. You need a clear understanding of what goals are appropriate and achievable in order to reach them. This is why I'm providing this blog on how to plan, prepare, and produce an actionable roadmap for success as a business coach. If you're ready to invest in yourself today, then please drop the word, “COACH” in the comments below.

Are you ready to develop your coaching business with a Six-Figure Plan?

Vision Coach, LaToya Early

Guest Writer: Jerreme Wade


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