Your bags are showing

"Bag Lady, you gone hurt yo' back, dragging all them bags like that." - Erykah Badu

OK, you got me, I'm not sure that she was a prophet-- but she got it right when she sang about the pressure and pain that comes from lugging around the stuff you don't have to carry. I carried one in particular for years, and since I let it go, I've pledge to help other women do the same.

You know the one I'm talking about... It can make you cringe thinking about it... Forgiveness...

Many of us have one time or another fell victim to its sting. Finding it difficult to even rationalize the idea of forgiving someone who never apologized, or better yet, forgiving someone who isn't even sorry. Whose idea was this anyway?!

Chile, Im' jus' tryin' to help you! When you hold on to feelings that do not serve you, you simultaneously give power- YOUR POWER - to the things that do not make you stronger. For an immediate cure, choose today to put down the weight! Declare, I refuse to give energy to the things that deplete my power.

Know this.... Forgiving is not forgetting but rather It is remembering without experiencing anger. Its transformative nature frees up your power, thereby healing your body, mind and soul! This will form a pathway to a new place of peace where you can prosper and thrive despite all that has happened to you.

I implore you to choose today to create that pathway.

Sometimes, this means forgiving yourself. In other instances this wi