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Truth Be Told

Hello Good People,

As we go through life, we live and learn. Oftentimes, we also lie, why is that? I had to think about that as I continue to live my life. Now of course, this is not everyone, so we may think. But, truth be told, yes, it is. It may be in different areas with different people, but everyone of us lie at different points and times.

We lie at work, with family and friends, our significant others, and with strangers. We have heard the term a little white lie, although, I don't think many black folks use the term. Maybe we look at them as small lies or don’t think about it at all.

My name is Agatha Dier, and I am your Mediator and Relationship Coach. “How is that” you say? Because it is my purpose! We know in our hearts we are here for a season. Some of us will seek the reason out and others may continue to have that longing in their hearts or minds that something is missing in their lives.

In my search, I came to understand my passion for us to have good not just good but GREAT relationships and how it impacts our daily lives when we don’t. How it impacts our families, when a father and son or siblings are not talking to each other. With friends, when you are hurt by them and to embarrasses to start the conversation of why you are hurt? Oh yes, let’s not forget our significant other, or our other half as we say! When someone says “I want out” or “I cheated” the pain of heartbreak is real.

Truth be told when there is hurt and heartbreak, and we look back most of it stems from a lie being told somewhere along the way. Communication is a foundation of relationships and trust, but that is another conversation. Why do we feel we have to lie? Be true to thy own self! If you don't care for the assignments at work communicate. Now you may still have to do the work, but maybe not. DON’T GET FIRED!

Family and friends, we hurt them and vice versa. I need to tell them I am hurt. Maybe it wasn't intentional and if it was at least I know. Significant other, we, he, she may not be into you anymore or so they may not think. Communicate, maybe when you met them you all could chill and now life has you passing by each other. Let’s stop lying and giving the enemy ground in our lives willingly. The truth may hurt, but a lie hurts more. Truth be told!

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Freedom Through Forgiveness


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