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How to lead in your industry

I am Monday's hugest fan, I can remember working my "9-5" dreading Mondays, but if I knew then, what I know now, I would have given Mondays a better a shot. One thing I miss about Corporate America is being in an environment where I can be helping hand to my colleagues, I didn't have the weight of the business on my shoulders, all I had to worry about was making sure my work was done and my team met their goals . While building my own business I have a greater advantage at helping others be great, there is that "tag team" feeling I miss. I was so annoyed by Corporate America I couldn't wait to get out, I couldn't wait to call myself "my own boss". Now looking back I wish I had of maximized my purpose in my position a lot more. I totally knew I was fit to run my own business one day and the way God is set up it would have happened anyway, but every entrepreneur needs a dedicated intrepreneur. Leaders can't effectively lead without other leaders, businesses can't be great without great leaders!

Every business in order to succeed at its greatest potential need a team of motivated, goal oriented, hard hitters to help drive the vision of the company. Man, that's hard to find. Everyone seems to be out for themselves and so focused on what good can come their way they lose focus on effective leadership. I want to share with you "3 ways to lead in your career". You are more needed than you realize, I understand everyone can't go out and be a full-time entrepreneur tomorrow, but you can be the best intrepreneur today!


Stop setting mediocre goals, goals to just get by, goals to just get the job done. If you want your employer to see what you're made of start setting goals that will compliment your gift.

Get the job done at your greatest potential.

Don't point fingers and slack in your responsibilities - you want people to do unto you as you do unto others.


Be a team player. There is nothing like a team of hard hitters. Stop trying to please your boss and start helping your team be great!Leadership is not a position but a lifestyle. Live everyday like you're a leader helping those around you accomplish goals they may not be able to conquer alone. The leader isn't identified by his income statement, but by the people he impact.


Don't just work a job because you need, work a job because they need you! The people need you, your employer needs you and most of all you need you.

When you work in a position most of your time thinking about the things you hate the more you become unfocused on why you're there.

You didn't luck up on this position, you're there because God placed you there. Whether it be to learn, to teach or both "in all thy doing, get understanding".

Change your perception and it'll change your perspective!

If you're having a hard time recognizing your purpose in your position don't get discouraged- You're are not the only one! Don't spend the rest of your time wondering, lets figure it out!

Be Blessed, xoxo

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