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Decision Quality vs Outcome Quality

From the looks of things, now more than ever, people are beating themselves up over the results or out-comes of a decision they've made. We see the result is not quite like we anticipated and we automatically assume that we made a bad decision somewhere along the way. If you want to know whether or not you're one of the people I'm referring to, ask yourself these questions: What is the best decision I've made in my life so far, and why? What is the worst decision I've made in my life so far, and why?

If your explanation has anything to do with the RESULT or OUTCOME of that situation, be it best or worst, than THIS post is for you.

There is a difference between outcome quality and decision quality! They are not synonymous. The problem is, most of us treat them as if they are the same.

Let me let you in on a secret. Sometimes, you can do everything right and the outcome still may not line up with your expectations, and this is not always reflective of your strategy.

Today, and everyday I want you to begin examining the quality of your decisions.

What process do you utilize in order to determine your next step? When you have a quality decision making process, even if the results aren't the expected, you'll be confident enough to NOT abandon the strategy.

When you look at result alone, you'll be ready to jump ship. You'll allow those thoughts of doubt and insecurity, uncertainty, and failure to speak louder than the process you've just lived through.

Evaluate your decision process. Develop a process for decision making, and share your process below. Let's grow together!

Grace & Peace,

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