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Reconcile For What?

Matthew 5

23 “So if you are presenting a sacrifice at the altar in the Temple and you suddenly remember that someone has something against you, 24 leave your sacrifice there at the altar. Go and be reconciled to that person. Then come and offer your sacrifice to God.”

It’s been awhile since I’ve written, but it’s because I’ve been busy, BUSY, getting something’s in order, focusing on my personal business, my brand, my family of course building my faith and everything else I do for God to prove that I’m a good steward, but recently in my study something came back to the top of my mind that I had been NEGLECTING.

While this is about myself and personal revelation I can’t deny the reality that I am not the only one that is dealing with this and failing at it as well!

This scripture has been banging in my mind and I've decided to share this in hopes that you won't waste the same time I have. Sometimes you can be doing so much for God that you forget what God has been wanting YOU to do.

The generation we're living in (in my opinion) is very EVENT oriented and focused on doing doing doing, pouring pouring pouring, teaching teaching teaching and by spending so much time in the front, we confuse our service as our position.


With that being said we have to constantly sit back and reexamine ourselves and make sure we haven’t take one task God may have given us and prioritized that over growing in HIM and in him alone. This is something that can happen to the most meek and humble people you know, you can literally get so wrapped up in what God has said that you forget what he has BEEN saying and what specifically he is saying to our situation and this is where well begin.

How have you been treating Gods people?

Have you confused haters with people you’ve hurt?

Have you become standoffish so that you won’t have to face the individuals you’ve denied closure from?

Have YOU ignored the FACT that God desires reconciliation and forgiveness?

In the beginning I brought up how busy I’ve been because I wanted to demonstrate HOW we, unknowingly, can get into such a vigorous routine we overlook things. That we can literally be in a place where we think because we are doing so much “good” we don’t have to focus on what God tells us to DO that doesn’t pertain to our agenda.

Who are you ignoring?

I ask this question because a lot of times we know, or have a pretty good idea, exactly what we SHOULD be doing, but since what we WANT to do is a lot easier and more comfortable we bury our noses into that. In the scripture I aforementioned (new favorite transitional word, “Moving on”) the scripture says BEFORE YOU GIVE YOUR OFFERING go to the person that has something against you! Meaning all that stuff we're doing “for” God still does not leave out the fact that he doesn’t leave too much to the imagination for where his value truly is.

WE ARE A LIGHT and offending someone puts a huge shadow and depending on the offense it could completely extinguish it all together. This leaves for now 1 less person God can use because instead of RECONCILIATION we choose to be busy doing stuff in his name and OUT OF ORDER. These situations aren’t easy but the fact that they’re life changing and can ultimately stop future hurt and harm makes these moments some of the most pivotal but not just the offended but for the offender’s life.

This weekend I want you ask yourself ANOTHER QUESTION ,

  1. Who Do I need To Reconcile with?

  2. Who may be missing out on my witness because I haven’t went to them?

You got Work to Do!

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