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Ahhh Transitioning!

As we live our lives we go through many transitions, seasons, cycles or as most of us call them changes. We change our jobs, homes, friends and depending on our relationships with our spouses, sometimes families. Transitioning is a part of life and it should add to our growth and maturity, but while we are growing how is our behavior? Let me rephrase that, how is our attitude?

We can make transitioning hard on ourselves and others because transitioning can be life changing. We are shifting and being positioned for some things that we are aware of and others that we are not, our hope is things are going to be better. Mind you, the transition may not appear to be good. “All things work together for the good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose” Romans 8:28 we must TRUST AND BELIEVE.

Yes, it can be hard! Our hearts can be broken, or our finances can be cut. How do we maintain the right attitude and behavior when life is stretching us, literally pulling us, sometimes in directions we may not want to go? We may not want to grow in an area that we are uncomfortable with. It may require updating resumes, learning a new skill to be employed or being an entrepreneur (because it is work.)

People may see the outward behavior, the resistance to change or perhaps the not so nice attitude at times. Let’s try to understand and not take it personal. We must settle ourselves on the inside where people can’t see for it to be reflective of what they can see. Our growth is personal and real maturity happens first internally when no one can see.

I have come to understand that life happens, change will happen! We can’t stop it. We must grow, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. That happens through joy and pain!

So, with each shift or change take a deep breath, relax your mind to the best of your ability, say a prayer and rest in the moment. Be good to yourself and allow growth to happen. It is all a part of purpose, let’s learn to be better to ourselves and others because you can!

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