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You've simply run out of discipline

Every area requires work, I mean intentional work No matter if you are working a routine 9-5 or building a business from scratch every step you take towards creating a better life for yourself requires consistency. Something I’ve found is, many people who desire to be successful don’t like to put in the work that’s required to reach the level of success desired. There is always some sort of excuse or reason why things aren’t getting done and goals aren’t being met. Schedules are hectic, kids are driving your bananas, work is over whelming and you still must find time for family, I get it. But what’s the ole school saying, “to be the boss, you’ve gotta pay the cost” and that’s not just a financial cost, but a sacrificial cost. A hard pill I had to swallow when I birthed my last son of 3 was, no one will get me to the goal but me and I must stop relying on the participation of others to help get me to where I desire to be in life. That decision was made 4 years ago and until this day I’ve decided to no longer blame other people, life situations or what I don’t have on my inability to succeed. If I don’t succeed in life it’s not because of the them, it’s because of me!

God sent His son that we all may live and live more abundantly (John 10:10). Distractions are designed to steal, kill and destroy the dream by any means necessary. You may think it’s because you’re a parent or you have much greater responsibilities that you can’t remain consistent in your pursuit to greater, but I’m here to share with you that it’s designed for you to never make it. What are you willing sacrifice to gain everything you’ve ever desired?

Whether you're building a business, going after a new career or looking to make some life changing decisions the consistency in your pursuit is what captures a victory. Life happens but plans only change when you don't course correct the distraction. It’s up to you to turn every distraction into a new direction towards destiny. Don’t derail because of life’s hiccups, the bible says the enemy is constantly seeking who he may devour (1 Peter 5:8). Distractions are real, and they are intentional with destroying your pursuit to greater. Although you can't avoid distractions, you must learn how to VOID them out. Your excuses are your distractions and they are taking over your life. Evaluate your process of overcoming distractions. How do you void out people, things and situations that are designed to knock you off course?

The first step to voiding a distraction is ADMITTING it’s distracting you. Come on let’s be honest, a good Netflix binge can have your whole day taken away. I know after a long day you want to relax and take a load off, but you must keep the goal front and centered. The moment you can admit that what’s in front of you is distracting you from studying, praying, or keeping you from your business it is up to you to VOID that distraction.

Step two REMOVE what’s in front of you and replace it with something that will lead you towards your goals. While entertainment and leisure activities are healthy and absolutely necessary, they should be done in moderation.

Step three is create a schedule. I call it my “breaking habits of randomness” schedule. It helps with putting tasks in its proper space. It reminds me a lot of budgeting, you never seem to have enough money when you can’t see where it’s going. The moment you create a budget and tell your money where it will go it changes the way you think about money. Same goes for time, we all have enough time in a day to be as successful as we desire, how are you spending your time? Are you putting yourself on a tight schedule to ensure tasks are being met? You didn’t run out of time you simply ran out of discipline!

Step four is access your distraction, what are you afraid of? Give yourself time to process, the root of procrastination is fear. What are you afraid of, why is everything else more important than you meeting your goals? Are you afraid of success, responsibility? Be honest with yourself because remember no one can get you to your goal but you.

Step five stay in prayer. There is nothing impossible with God (Luke 1:37). Make sure He is the center of your pursuit and you’re pursuing the desires of HIS heart. I know, I know, the Word says if I delight myself in Him, He shall give me the desires of my heart (Psalms 34:4). Well I’ve learned through our relationship (God and I) the more I serve and honor Him the more my desires turn into His desires and as long as He is the center of my pursuit I know for a fact I will reach the success I desire.

Don’t let your distractions defeat you, learn to face them and void them out through prayer. When Jesus was distracted in the wilderness He used His Word to VOID the distractions. His Word says you can have it, but how will you VOID your distractions?

Be Blessed,


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