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Postpartum Depression....

I am a Vision Coach, and for those who are still trying to figure out exactly what that is, don't worry it took me a while before I finally understood. Almost six years ago I was kinda thrown into the coaching industry. You see, I knew nothing about coaching and was completely clueless when I heard the term life coach. I knew my entire life I was something different, but I never saw myself in the seat I sit in today. Coaching coaches by helping them see their "different" and find their niche'. Yeah, I had no idea I would be a faith ambassador helping others believe. I can remember during my prayer time God told me my assignment was to compel unbelievers to believe, but I had no idea of what that looked like.

I've spent a lot of time figuring myself out, man I wish I had a coach to help me see myself through some of the ups and downs I've experienced. This past year alone has taken a toll on me, my family and my business. I was truly on the verge of just throwing in the towel, No longer caring about who I helped as long as I could rid myself of this journey and help myself. Yeah, I know, selfish, but when you're called to an assignment it requires more of you then you realize when you accept the call. I was taken through the swamps you hear me? From losing very close business partners, to almost losing my office. I was just about done with coaching.

Back in February of this year I had to take a 30 day leave of absence. I had to go in for an unexpected surgery, my OB-GYN found cancerous cells on my cervix. I'll be honest, I really wasn't afraid, I just knew God had my back. The surgery wasn't the hard part tho, it was post surgery. They removed quite a bit of my cervix and for the first time, I experienced postpartum depression without the baby. I learned the cause of the illness and a baby had nothing to do with it, it's the trauma to your cervix. This experience has taught me so much. My body went through a spiritual labor and delivery and I was going through it. I've had 3 children and I've experienced postpartum with all three, but never to this magnitude. I was sad and depressed and I didn't know how to get through it. Not only was my body taking a hit, but so was my life, my business. I was getting hit from every which way. It was hard to talk about this to my husband cause he had no idea of how to help, I didn't know how to help myself. I didn't have anyone to turn to who could understand what I was going through. So I decided to turn to God.

The postpartum I experienced showed me that I wasn't only designed to give birth to little people, I was designed to give birth to life. I believe that experienced forced me to change my perspective and discover what I was giving birth to. Not only was I birthing a new level in my business, I had given birth to a new level of life. I no longer allowed myself to become defeated by my circumstances. God spared me, He gave me one more chance to Chase Great and bring as many people as I could with me. My experience forced me to challenge what I saw in the natural and research it spiritually. I've endured a huge mindset shift, it started physically and manifested spiritually. It completely changed me. I went from worrying to warrioring, here is where I share 5 steps on how I did it. I had made a decision that if God saw me fit, then nothing else mattered.

Coaching is my own way of serving the God who loves me so much. It's my way of helping others discover their "different" and become the exact person God created them to be. See most people live their life existing , I want to show people how to live their life soaring. How to create unlimited possibilities and walking by faith and not by sight. I'm now equipped to labor with my coaches and help then through the spiritual birthing process.

It was no easy journey, but I understand why I had to go through it.

Be Blessed xoxo,

LaToya Early, Vision Coach, CSC


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