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3 Reasons why you Must narrow your niche as a Coach.

3 Reasons why you Must narrow your niche as a Coach.

When you’re too specific in your coaching business you believe your services are limited, but it’s actually the complete opposite. It’s time to get niche focused.

Whether you want to acknowledge it or not the coaching industry is growing rapidly and if you’re unequipped with the proper tools and strategies to help stand out in the industry you’ll look up and your coaching business will no longer be relevant.

If you’re looking to thrive in your coaching business, reach your ideal client, maximize your prices and framework then it’s time for you to take a deeper look into Niche Marketing for Coaches and become niche focused in your business.

So, here’s the golden question, “what does it mean to be niche focused” as a Coach. It simply means being laser specific about the problem you solve and the person you serve in your coaching business. There is a difference between the service you offer and the problem you solve. In the coaching industry we all pretty much offer the same services. Signature courses, framework, methodologies, it’s our job to get our clients from point A to point B and maybe even C depending on the type of coach you are. However, if all you do is spend most of your time offering your services that includes your 12 1:1’s, 12 zoom meetings and interactive worksheets you’re totally missing the client who’s waiting to invest a few couple thousand into your program for results.

Your elevator pitch, business statement or what I like to call your Power Intro isn’t speaking directly to your ideal client because it’s probably too vague and your starting to look and sound like the majority of other coaches in our industry. I know it’s kind of like a natural response, we look at other Coaches in efforts to gain inspiration and we build our business based off what we see not realizing we’re adapting their habits, language, behaviors and traits. Because we see them winning in their lane we think if we implement what they’re doing we will get the same results. Well my dear, sorry to bring you bad news but that is false. You have to not only customize your own approach, but you have to spend time studying, reading and understanding how to share your message so that it speaks directly to your ideal client. You only get about 30 seconds for people to connect with who you are and what you do. So, when I talk about Niche Marketing for Coaches, I’m talking about being specific in the problem you solve and the person you serve. In the business industry we’re taught bigger is better, but what if I told you this was false guidance, especially in the coaching industry?

Most people start out in the coaching industry as a Life Coach, I know you’re here to change the lives of people, but what if I told you coaching required you to be a lot more specific if you we’re going to land your ideal client and really evoke change. In order to stand out in this industry you must be laser specific in the problem you solve because this helps you speak directly to your ideal client in your content. When your ideal client can see the exact problem you solve and the results you bring it becomes easier for them to make an investment.

Consider these 3 reasons why your coaching business should focus on a specific problem instead of generalizing across multiple areas. We know you’re good at problem solving otherwise you wouldn’t be a Coach, but you’re not called to coach everyone in everything. Pick your focus, become an expert and rock out!

1. Narrowing your Niche’ adds more value to your coaching business –When you’re able to address a specific problem it adds value to your client experience. Showing up as an expert in a specific area is why people will come to you because they know you have the solution to their problem.

Here’s an example: Say you’re an Empowerment Coach, it’s your responsibility to first understand why your ideal client is not empowered. Yes you are to inspire and motivate them, but you first need to know what has caused them to not be empowered. If you don’t know what problem you’re speaking too you’re just making words rhyme and you just sound good. You’re encouraging them in the moment, but you aren’t sparking any transformation. Once they leave your presence they will return to the place of void, the exact place they were before hearing or working with you. You know how to rock the house, make people feel good, even make them cry, they leave empowered, but they get home still broken. Why, because you’ve spoken to the behaviors, but never addressed the problem that caused the behaviors.

This reason alone maybe why people are so hesitant to hire a Coach, they think the experience will only be to empower oppose to results. People don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for someone to tell them “You can do it” they are looking for results, you must go deeper than the surface. If you’re going to help someone be great and help them reach their goals ,you’re going to have to help remove some things from their life dig deep and pull some stuff from the root, but if you don’t know what you’re picking how will you know what to pull?

Think about a farmer trying to pull a radish. Radishes are grown underground ( I am not trying to be a radish expert, just go with me) and if you’re unsure of how to pull a radish from the ground you can totally ruin it. If you don’t know a radish is grown underground and you’re a farmer who isn’t knowledgeable in this area, you’ll assume you’re only going out to pick regular vegetables and won’t know how to handle radish. You’ll go out and just start picking radishes and mishandle them and destroying them. It’s the same thing with when you go out and don’t know what specific problem you solve you don’t know how to handle the radish. Studying the problem you solve in coaching teaches you how to handle the problem of your client. If you try to pull a radish like you would pull any vegetable without studying and understanding the process, you’ll end up ruining it.

Coaching is about taking the time to become an expert and learning how to handle your client’s problem. If you’re only being surface and doing what the industry tells us what we’re “suppose” to do you’re totally missing the mark.

Once you’re able to get to the root of your client’s problem you can add the appropriate strategies and understand what your client is currently experiencing. It will not only add value to the experience, but it helps you stand out as a Coach

2. It increases your reach; your fear is if you narrow your niche, it means smaller, keep in mind coaches are not here to solve everyone’s problem. When you decide to niche down it increases your reach and the narrower you become the more people you’re able to speak directly too. Don’t be afraid to narrow your niche because you think you can solve all their problems. The moment you begin to solve the specific problem you were called to solve your solutions will become visible in other areas of their lives.

The value of the investment is not in the exchange of money but in the transformation and experience.

You have people waiting on you, you have clients looking for you, but they don’t know you offer the solution they need because your message is speaking to everyone.

3. It keeps you focused on your content and your messaging. When you’re not specific on the problem you solve, you’re going to feel like your content must cover all areas of someone’s life. Let’s use the Empowerment Coach as an example again (and this in not to pick on my Empowerment Coaches, you’re absolutely needed), sometimes encouraging people makes you want to inspire people to lose weight, love themselves, forgive their mothers, advance in their career and fix their credit making your content all over the place because you’re trying to empower. Remember your skill and service as a Coach is to deliver your innate ability to solve the problem, if you’re not focused on the problem you’re being too broad and the person who needs you won’t know you have the solution to their problem.

Coaching is amazing it’s our lane to do what God has called us to do and make money while doing it, but it’s an art and you have to make sure you know what you’re doing while you’re doing it, you have to be specific and strategic. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself looking like and sounding like other coaches. You must learn how to stand out, be unique and own your own lane. Stop putting all your sauce in your framework, your ideal client must know you can help them before even getting on a call.

Your first two forms of marketing as a Coach is in your title and your Power Intro, make it simple, make it clear and make it specific. You won’t limit your reach; you’ll actually expand it!

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