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Did I get your attention with the soul food title? I hope so. If so, hey girl hey! I want to talk about soul food. I mean that good ol’ down south home cooking. Did you start imagining about those Sunday’s or special gatherings with Big Mama and your fam? Sitting at the dinner table or in front of the TV? With all types of fixins’ on your plate. SO good right?

Well I’m not here to make you hungry lol, but to bring this to your attention. When you think of soul food, you think of long preparation of the collard greens, mac n’ cheese, etc, family coming together, laughs, and just a good ol’ time, right? It’s time to bring the representation of soul food back to our self-care routines.

Yes, soul food is self-care! Food is the nourishment that you provide to your system, and soul is your internal being that needs that nourishment. Self-care is simply taking care of you, listening to your body and what it needs. We instantly think of self-care as this “pamper me” day, but it’s so much more. It’s listening to your body with what it needs “food” and nourishment to your internal being “soul”. Like how I put that together? Lol.

The conversations had over dinner with family (debates or not), seeing friends and family from way back when, honestly does your soul some good. It makes you feel good, being in the company of those who care about you. You’re allowing yourself to connect – getting all those good minerals and vibes from your people.

We live in a social media era where going on Facebook or Instagram is enough. That’s you catching up. No, sis. That’s not soul food, that’s a fast food commercial that appears good, but nah, it’s not the same as home cooked soul food. It’s also an excuse to stay in isolation. Wisdom has shown that it’s not good for [wo]man to be alone. Community is quintessential to your self-care journey. Even Jesus himself, broke bread and ate with his community, so what’s makes you so different?

I want you to stuff your face with all the soul food you can get, because when it gets tough, you need that support to fall back on, you need those minerals, vitamins, all that good stuff, to kick into high gear, giving you the energy that you need to move on.

“Well Demi, my Big Mama’s soul food gave me the ‘itis’ now what?” Yeah, the nourishment may have slowed you down, but once you took a moment to rest, you got back up, and were able to move forward, am I right?

I just want to propose this: Start reflecting on who’s your soul food? How does it make you feel? How do you make them feel? Do you have those who are constantly checking in on you, making sure you’re getting what you need? Are YOU making sure you’re getting what you need!?

If you haven’t had soul food, now is the time to re-explore it. Look into therapeutic activities to nourish your soul. If you don’t know where to start, start with me… Be Well Chick’s goal is to take the newly emerged woman on the journey of self-care and self-awareness and giving her everything she needs to flourish, one being community.

I won’t be exactly like your Big Mama and your family, but you will get some good soul food.

Until next time,


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