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Overcoming Rejection in the Marketplace.

by Brittany Collins, Marketing Coach

I always wondered why I was reluctant to expand in my former businesses. I would only go so far, and then I would allow my companies to dissolve. I did not take the time to effectively identify who my target audience was because I feared that they would reject my product and service offerings. I marketed my businesses to family, close relatives, and a few friends. I relied on these people to keep my businesses afloat. But, when the well ran dry, and they did not make purchases, I did not make money. Why didn't I branch out and market my businesses to the public???

I later realized that past rejection had played a role. I had to be honest with myself and come to grips with the fact that I had a problem. God revealed to me the problem I had, and I had to own up to it. As a child, I was rejected by my father. He was not a part of my life. I did not meet my father until I was twelve years old, and even at that point, our relationship off and on. I mean, he had a life outside of me, and there was nothing I could do about that. My mother rejected me. Although I lived with her, the mother-daughter relationship that I yearned for was not evident. Maybe she did not have a good relationship with her mother, and the residue of their relationship tainted ours. I suffered rejection from my peers, and the list goes on. I was withdrawn from people for a long time, even in my younger adult years, because I feared that people would reject me.

I had to heal, but the scar is still there…

It took prayer, deliverance, allowing the Word of God to expose, cleanse, and renew my subconscious from past hurt caused by rejection. I had to forgive the people who rejected me, and I had to forgive myself from the guilt of being resentful, bitter, unforgiving, and feeling like I had a right to stay angry. I had to ask God to forgive me for allowing my businesses to crumble.

The Scar: Positive self-talk, meditating on the Word of God, and knowing who I am in Him keeps that mindset at bay. The wound is closed, but the scar is still there. That is why I must constantly prune my mind and cut away at those dead thoughts of rejection that try to resurrect themselves. I must allow my mindset to be fruitful through the Word of God. I must allow the Word of God to be like cocoa butter when applied, causing that scar to fade away. ©

The effects of rejection.

The effects of rejection in your marketing efforts hinder how you identify your target audience and message. Why? Your marketing efforts are limited based on the mindset that people will reject your service offerings. So, you limit your outreach and distort your message because you are not clear on who your target audience is. Your messaging should fit a specific segment of people that can use your service. You do not know who to reach out to because of fear of rejection. You create a blank message to attract anyone.

Let me ask you a question.

Have the effects of rejection caused you to question your marketing efforts when identifying your target audience and messaging? Are you afraid to step out of your comfort zone when it comes to marketing your service offerings to the public because you fear rejection?

If you answered yes, I have three ways to overcome thoughts and feelings of rejection, resulting in effectively identifying your target audience and message uninhibited, without being self-conscious, so that you can move forward boldly with confidence. Therefore, creating a message that can reach your target audience, attracting them to your service offerings while identifying the need and providing a remedy.

Three ways to overcome rejection:

1. Face it: Identify your experiences with rejection. Identify your thoughts and feelings from rejection. What triggers this mindset, emotions, and fear? Identify the root cause of the effects of rejection and why it continues to affect you. It can stem from childhood experiences. Your father, mother, and peers rejected you. It can stem from adult experiences. An employer denied you employment, which caused you to second-guess your abilities, knowledge, and skills. It can be something as simple as people not liking your Facebook and Instagram posts.

Once you identify the root cause, own up to it, pull it up from the root, snatch it, expose it, tell that thing that it can no longer hinder or hold you from moving forward in your business. It can no longer hold you hostage. Please do not throw it in the compost because we are not trying to recycle anything left. Throw it in the fire. Identification is the first step to your healing and breakthrough.

2. Not alone: Know that you are not the only person who has experienced rejection. It has happened and happens to everyone all the time. No matter how big or small the situation can seem. I am not making light of our experiences with rejection because some have been through some turbulent conditions. But I want you to know that people experience all types of rejection every day. For example, someone not answering the phone when you call. Someone is not responding to your text message at the time you think they should. A person rejecting your phone call and text message is a type of rejection, no matter how you look at it. You can be offended and hurt by this seemingly simple situation. But why would you be triggered by someone not answering the phone? Why would you be upset by someone not replying to your text message? Did it ever occur to you that they may be busy? Are they rejecting you? They may, or they may not be intentionally rejecting you. But. Because you have these issues of the effects of rejection going on, that is your go-to: "They do not want to talk to me."

It is some deep-rooted issues of rejection. If people reject your phone call and text messages or do not answer your phone call or reply to your text messages when you think they should, it can cause those issues to resurface because you did not deal with the root. Do not think you are the only one that has experienced this situation and the anger, frustration, anxiety, worry, questions, or sadness it caused.

There are levels to this: There are different levels of rejection that affect everyone differently. It is how you deal with it that makes the difference in your situation. Make up in your mind how you choose to allow rejection to affect you. Are you allowing rejection to repel you from your purpose or propel you to your goal so that you can fulfill God's will for your life?

3. Cast it down: Cast down what?! Thoughts of self-doubt, negative self-talk, and over-thinking! Second-guessing your abilities, perfectionism, and not thinking you are good enough. These things reinforce your belief that rejection is holding you back. Then, it becomes an excuse for you not to move to where you are supposed to be in your business.

Unspoken Words: Your thoughts are just unspoken words. Then, you start speaking about these negative things. Now you are prophesying over yourself. You are saying these things into existence. Remember, words have power. In the Bible in the Book of Genesis, chapter one reads how God created the heavens and the earth. But what stood out? Everything that God created, God spoke these things into existence. God's Words have creative power. Created in God's image and likeness, our Words have creative power. Therefore, we must be careful with what we speak because we create our world with our words' power. We cause situations to manifest positively or negatively with what we say in the atmosphere. Then, our words become actions, and we recycle the adverse effects of rejection. It is enough that we must deal with the enemy's attempts to throw us off course. Let us not cause self-inflicted struggle. Speak life into your situation. Speak life into your business so that you can speak life to others you serve.

Life Nuggets!

Positive thinking may not always make situations turn out a certain way, but it can improve your perspective and improve your mindset. You can handle adverse conditions maturely and use it as a learning experience.

When you encourage and support yourself, you are more likely to believe in your potential to achieve your goals no matter others' opinions. And what I want you to understand is that you will experience rejection in your business. Why? Everyone is not your customer; everyone is not your client. Once we get that settled in our minds, rejection cannot hurt our feelings.

Suppose you want expert advice, strategies, and someone who has been through it and made it to help you overcome these areas. In that case, I challenge you to take that first step by scheduling a FREE 30-minute Discovery Call with me. We can identify your goals, strengths, and challenges. I can help transform you into a service-based, Entrepreneur; targeting your audience and create a message that they can relate to and see that you are worth the investment.

Brittany S. Collins, Marketing Coach


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