Plan it. Work it. Profit by Business Coach Patricia Pearson

How many balls can you catch at one time? Working a full-time job and trying to do many things at one time led to many of my business failures in the beginning. I was rushing the process. If I focused on many things like creating a website, social media scrolling, I thought that I could make my transition faster.

Building a successful business while you manage a busy schedule is possible. It's all about creating a plan, managing your time and your actions.

It was not until I discovered the (PWP) Plan it. Work it. Profit! I began to grow and create the roadmap for the transition successfully.

Here are five simple steps you can start today to launch your plan

1. Create a Must Do & Wish List

· Do a data dump, preferably on Sunday night? Write down everything you would like to accomplish for the week ahead. At this time, it is not necessary to put them in any particular order.

· Choose three priorities from this list. These are the three goals you will focus on for the week. If one is a large project, only select one and chunk it down into small compartments. You can add two more minor priorities to your wish list. You will only tackle these tasks if you complete your top 3 goals.

· Keep in mind your three goals should be SMART (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-sensitive).

The key is creating the plan. By separating your goals into MUST DO and Wish list, you now have a focus for the week. By doing this consistently for one month, you will have completed 12 major action items on your list.

2. Take the Time to Take Your Time

· Find creative times to work on your business during the day. I am not suggesting that you operate your business on your boss's time or your boss's computer. I suggest you carry your own IPad, laptop or mobile phone with you instead of using your corporate computer. Arrive to work early 20 -30 minutes b