How does mental chatter cheat your choices?

Have you ever you paid attention to the voices you hear in your head? LOL, I know it’s not funny, but when I sit and think about that question I think about the voices I hear. The voice that encourages me and the voice that discourages me. The voice that makes me sad and reminds me of all my wrong doings. The voice that tells me I’m not good enough, or that my ideas aren’t good ideas Yep, those voices, now, have you ever paid attention to the voices you hear in your head?

There are two things God has given us that no man can take away, Purpose and Choice. While I realize our government tries to take away our choices all the time we still have the power to choose. We were born with purpose and the ability to choose and sometimes, most times, our purpose becomes tainted because of the choices we make. So, what does mental chatter have to do with the choices we make? Great question. It’s been proven that our thoughts are what makes up the content of our reality. The distance between what we think, and our reality is not as far of a travel as you would think. There is a proverb that says, “as he thinketh in his heart, so is he” it’s one thing to have a thought and get rid of it, but it’s another thing to have a thought and ponder on it. The longer you ponder on a thought, whether negative or positive it will manifest. Now, how do you think with your heart? By allowing it to control your perception. If your immediate response to a thought or an idea is negative it probably derives from your perception or the way you view things. As I always say, if you change the way you view things, it’ll change your point of view! Your heart controls more of your choices than your mind does, most times we decide with what feels good instead what’s the better choice. Think about a relationship you stayed apart of a lot longer than intended, was it because of what felt right or what was actually right?

How does mental chatter cheat our choices? It allows our negative thoughts into our heart and it cheats us from making the right choices. The distance from your thoughts to your heart isn’t far, the longer you allow negative thoughts to reside in your mind they will eventually penetrate your heart causing you to self-sabotage. Where do you think doubt, worry, anxiety comes from? Think about the functions of the heart. It’s like the central station for the functionality of your body. The blood that pumps through your veins all flow from the heart. Once your thoughts seep into your heart it pumps those feelings of doubt, worry and anxiety throughout your entire body. Once those negative feelings flow back up to your brain you now have every reason to NOT believe, keep pushing, or try anyway.

Mental chatter is a way for evil to keep you from attaining success, happiness, peace and love. The only way to transform from the person who allowed doubt, fear, anxiety or worry to take control of their choices is to renew your mind. When the thoughts of self-destruction begin to appear, you must counteract the thought with a “I can” or “I will” along with action that compliments that affirmation. If not, it’ll seep into your heart and your choices will reflect it.

How can you reduce mental chatter?

  1. Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers. (Ephesians 4:29)

  2. Keep your heart focused on the goal. The re-occurrence of a goal in your thinking is not to tease or taunt you it is to show you the possibility. Allow it to seep into your heart and don’t take your eyes away from it.

  3. Surround yourself around people who are building, growing and producing the dream. An isolated island will cause self-destruction.

  4. Create a prayer life. Keeping God at the center of you dreams will help keep you focused, evil is constantly present and looking for reasons to destroy your dreams, but where there is prayer there is protection.

Before you make your next decision evaluate your mental chatters and be sure it’s not talking you out of your destiny!

Be Blessed,


LaToya Early, Vision Coach, CSC


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