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Don't lose yourself!

Do we ever think about how we can lose ourselves in relationships? Yes, it happens. It happened to me. Let me tell you how a became a Chase Great Affiliate. I am a mother, employee and wife and I am going stop there, because many of us wear similar hats. I found myself wondering who am I? Yes, I am a child of God who loves me more than I can imagine. Yet, when I was asked, tell me about yourself? I found myself in tears because I could not, how could I wear so many hats and yet not be able to tell you about ME?

I had lost myself. Yes, I was taking care of everyone, but myself. Hell, I was taking care of my employer’s business better than me and because of that my mental health was suffering and I did not know until I got close to a breaking point. No one knew, but God. Again, I didn’t recognize it, but I knew something was not right.

So here I come walking into Chase Great Enterprises. The ladies had no clue that my head space was where it was at, because I was not sure myself. Yet, through being coached by LaToya Early and Jo the Giant I found me under all the layers of other folk relationships.

My passion and purpose are helping people have great relationships. And in doing that I lost me because I was putting the father and son relationship, the brother to brother, or the friend who was upset with their BFF first. I had to lose myself to find me. I now know it is okay to lose yourself, but you cannot stay lost. Pull or push yourself, whatever you must do to find your purpose, after all it is who you are!

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Freedom Through Forgiveness


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