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Sweet Potato Soul

Hey girl hey! I know that it’s not the season for it, but I was thinking about some good ol’ southern sweet potato pie! I’m talking about the one that Big Mama made with real yams, sweet potatoes, whatever.. With that vanilla extract, sugar, and the homemade crust?! The pie that you snuck more than one piece of and the pieces made up almost half of the pie?! Oh..em..gee!!

Okay.. I’m done drooling lol, but thinking of sweet potato pie made me think of self-care?

“How Demi?”

Well I’m glad you asked! Sweet potatoes are naturally sweet, right? When you’re making a sweet potato pie, you don’t HAVE to add those extra sweet ingredients, but it does make the final product pretty sweet. My question to you is this chick: Are you adding extra ingredients in your life to make you sweet, or are you naturally sweet on your own? Are you gracing yourself to be as is? Or do you think it’ll take “all that” to make a great final product.

I bring this to your lap - you don’t have to do anything to yourself to make yourself more “presentable”. Who you are at your core is GOOD enough. Without the base (sweet potatoes), it’ll just be mixed ingredients wouldn’t be AS good with the main ingredient and wouldn’t make sense either! You chick, are the main ingredient! God will use every part of you and won’t have to add something to get folk’s attention. Get back to the basics with yourself, reconnect with your sweet spot.

“Well how do I do that?”

I’m glad you asked that too - you do that by releasing possible people bondage. You do that by meditating on scriptures to affirm who you are. As the bible says, you are fearfully and wonderfully made, you were formed in your mother’s womb intricately, when He thought of you, He thought of something good!

I challenge you to start journal - dumping out the thoughts that tells you that’s not sweet and crossing those things out, and and reaffirming yourself that YOU ARE! Write down things that you DO like about yourself - focus on the good, sweet, quirky spots, about yourself.

Social media nowadays has warped our way of thinking in the way that we perceive ourselves. Constantly filling our ear and eye gates with artificiality, steadily pushing out the core and main ingredient - ourselves! I challenge you to focus on your inner woman and do the hard work - see yourselves as He sees you, love on that and every part of you. I don’t care if you have to stand naked in front of the mirror to recognize the bareness of you and your soul - do that! But here’s your reminder anyway: you are sweet. Period. Sweet as pie.

So as you eat on that sweet potato pie, while you’re sitting in a nice quiet, comfortable spot, know that you’re sweet too, chick! YOU ARE SWEET! Take care of your sweet spot, that’s the best self-care you can do for yourself.

Until next time,


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