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30 Minute Meals

Hey girl, hey! Hope all is well on your end! If not, my prayer is that by the end of this read is that all will be well - cool? Cool! So, if you didn’t know by now I love food, so sometimes when I like to wind down, I have to watch The Food Network - not only does it give me great food ideas, but it’s my form of winding down from the day, not having to think or do too much, but sit back, watch and observes these chefs whip up something nice.

So, I was watching an old episode of Rachael Ray’s “30 Minute Meals”. If you haven’t watch it, you should! She creates meals (not just hamburger helper lol) within 30 minutes - and if you have a busy schedule like me, or desire to not be in the kitchen long, or just need a quick fix idea without having to go through the drive-thru, you should watch this. Anywho, I was just sitting there and y’all know how I get these revelations lol, and my spirit spoke to me, “Demi, quick is not always convenient! Yeah, it may take a while (more than 30 minutes), but are you okay with the route (or meal) taking longer? Can you take the road not traveled? Can you give yourself a little more time to do a little bit more?”

So I sat there with the straightest face ever (insert straight face emoji here) and whole mood was ruined okay?! Here I am thinking that 30 minutes is good enough to make a meal, but here God goes, ruining my little fun lol. Now... don’t get me wrong, some things WILL take 30 minutes to make a meal, but I think he was digging a littleeee bit deeper on this one…

So my question to you is this chick: How many times have you opted for a “30 minute meal” when you could’ve taken the time to create a full 5 course meal for yourself? Better yet. When’s the last time you’ve short-changed yourself on something, instead of taking the longer road? There’s this saying called “taking the roast out the oven when it’s done” - are you that impatient one who can’t wait that long for a roast to finish cooking all the way through? Or can you stand the rain like New Edition and hold on for a little while longer?

I ask this because, let’s face it, us millennials have a BIG problem with things taking ALL DAY. We’re impatient, stubborn, entitled (kinda), and just want everything quick. We have taken the value out of taking our time - with ourselves and our careers, with friendships, with relationships that’s not a relationship, but we’re acting like it is aka situationships, in traffic, in coffee lines… I can name ALOT. Now, this isn’t a “bash millennials” moment but to bring you closer into the problem - we’re impatient for NO reason. As if speeding up the process is going to get us better results. Yes, there is such a thing as working smarter, not harder, BUT we tend to rush ahead of our process. Sometimes we just need to take a chill pill you know? And move slow as molasses - it’s okay.

So, my advice to you today is to take your time - not everything has to be rushed. When you get home from a long day of work - BREATHE. Sit down on the couch, porch, if it’s nice enough, or somewhere comfortable in your home and just BREATHE. Don’t allow yourself to think about the next day and what it entails. It even says to “not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s troubles is enough for today.” Let yourself process today, before you get yourself all worked up about tomorrow. Then after you have taken the time to breathe and meditate on something good and fulfilling, then focus on the tasks you have to do at home. Don’t rush through the process of being at home - enjoy and soak up those moments! Can you do that for me? Pleaseeee.

After you have wind your mind down, then you can focus on cooking, tidying up, and getting yourself ready for bed. If something doesn’t get done at home, then leave that as it is, and do it tomorrow. Take the pressure off yourself. Don’t 30 Minute Meal yourself - don’t play yaself like that! *DJ Khaled voice* haha

“Well how can I not play myself doing a ‘30-minute meal’, Demi?”

Good question! Here’s another way how besides breathing and making yourself unwind and be in the moment - take a bath! Yes...a bath. Asian culture is BIG on this, and I see why. It’s a form of aromatherapy, meditation, and cleansing yourself physically, and mentally. They use herbs and other forms of bathing products, to relax and soak with. They play no games about it - they take their time honey, straight spa mode. Me personally, when bathing I love using lavender! That puts me in the mood to relax and gives me some GOOD SLEEP okay? I sleep like a well fed and bathe baby, maybe even better. So… I said this to say, take a bath, light up some candles, give yourself, and take a hot towel and place it over your face. Don’t fall asleep in the tub, I don’t want to hear any stories about almost drowning lol but take your time.

SO, I hope this not only changed your perspective on the concept of 30 Minute Meals but gave you the incentive to appreciate yourself and take your time winding down. When you go to a nice restaurant, they take their time with you. So why can’t you do the same? Not everything requires you moving, or trying to, move at the speed of light. It’s okay to add a little bit more ingredients to the meal (or your day) or adding an extra side or appetizer - IT’S OKAY.

Until next time,


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