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What to do when you're S.A.D.

Your beloved self-care coach Demi here. Today I want to talk about being S.A.D. No, this is not going to be your typical 90s vibe type of sad, no Toni Braxton’s “Another Sad Love Song” type of thing, but more so what to do when the fall season comes through and you’re stuck in the house, no sunshine, no weekly brunches with friends, that “I hate Michigan weather” season starts to come around, type of sad.

About 5 percent of Americans experience S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder) which lasts about 40 percent of the year - that’s a long time, almost half the year. If you live an area where you don’t get a lot of sunshine, it can be even longer than that. Ouch right?

Well I want to provide you with some practical self-care tips that will steer you in the right direction during this lack of sunlight season. I declare and decree right now that this season WILL BE DIFFERENT - why? Because my love you will be ahead of the game! No isolating yourself from friends, no overeating, no sitting and pondering on the past, allowing the enemy to creep in. No, this season, we’re being proactive, period… point… blank.

Now in my last blog, “Check Your Gut”, I talked about a chemical called serotonin, which shapes your eating habits, sleeping habits, and mood. The less you have of it, the worse your symptoms are, which ultimately impacts your happy hormone/chemical called cortisol. Our gut and mind is very interconnected. Anywho, during those seasons where you find yourself sadder than normal, sleeping more than normal, etc, it’s all because your serotonin levels are low and you need a boost. So… because you cannot make more serotonin through a prescription or over-the-counter products, you need to self-care your life my dear. Here’s a few ways how. I’m not going to give you ALL the game because I gave enough through “Check Your Gut” and still haven’t heard from you lol, but I’ll give you enough to chew on until you’re ready to talk lol. Anywho, here we go!

Number 1: Check your Social Health. This means check your surroundings, your environment. What inspires you? Who inspires you? Are your friendships/relationships uplifting you or draining you? During this season, reach out to those who can keep you accountable. Have a girls’ night in, host a dinner, set a date aside that you know works best for you. You have to be extra attentive because the less sunlight we have, the more evening hours we have, the more prone we are to say “forget it” and just go on to sleep after work. Instead, change your bedroom around. Bring some bright colors into your atmosphere. Be intentional, okay? Check your social health weekly, heck, daily!

Number 2: Check your Nutritional Health. Yes, I am a foodie. I love me a good comforting meal. But in this season, be creative. Stop feeding yourself the same ol’ meals. That gets redundant and in this season, your body is not going for it. The only way to activate serotonin is to eat more fruits and veggies. It takes less energy to digest, therefore giving you more, and whew… sis, this is the time for ALL the energy you can get. Try new recipes in the kitchen. Put on some music, set the atmosphere for a good time, okay? Loading up on carbs and processed foods not only slows your system down, but it leads to dis-eases as well. Especially since most of us live and lead sedentary lifestyles. Your nutritional health MATTERS this season. I mean every season, but forreal this season too lol.

Number 3: Check Your Spiritual Health. This is a huge component of those long seasons of being sad. When’s the last time you talk to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit? When’s the last time you’ve actually been intentional with sitting in your favorite spot and having a conversation with God? You know where you talk, he responds, and there’s an actual dialogue? Or when’s the last time you’ve applied what you’ve learned in church? We often allow ourselves to feel stuck during the season but God has already dropped gems and nuggets on us and we ain’t listenin’. So go back to the last time he told you to do! I know, sounds super simple, but it’s super impactful and we gotta get back to the basics. Be intentional, create a challenge, create a devotional, during this season where you’re inside mostly, make the most of it.

I would give you more, but you need to book a coaching session with me. Lol. I don’t want you to be affected by S.A.D. I’ll say this til’ I’m blue in the face, but self-care is more than mani’s, pedi’s, and getting your hair done. Yes, it makes you feel good, but self-care can be so much more practical than that. Especially when the enemy is trying to take you out. Self-care is here to help you take care of yourself holistically. It can be sustainable, we just have to be intentional. I have faith that you can do it too. Listen, you’re looking at someone who has battled and conquered S.A.D, generalized anxiety, PTSD, and depression okay? I’ve learned how to fight mind, body, and spirit and you have the power and authority to do the same. Self-care is life changing. It’s powerful. It’s a promise from God. Use it to your advantage during this season.

Reach out to me if you need more strategy and insight. I’m telling you this season WILL BE DIFFERENT, in Jesus name. Amen.

Until next time, #BeWellChick

Demi Perry,

Self-Care Coach


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