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Law Matters

There’s this law, called gravity. One really dope thing about gravity is its consistency. You can rest assure that if you’re ever caught outside on a windy day, you won’t float away. The laws of gravity are always at work even when you can’t see it, and gravity like all laws, work without your permission.

So, let’s take a trip. Why, you ask? Because some of us are living life as if there is no governing authority. On today’s field trip we're going back to our elementary physics class where we learned, or should have learned, The Laws of physics. Before I “GO IN,” let's preface this with what laws are. Laws are governing principles. Wherever there is law, there is a responsibility to operate within the confines of it. Anyone choosing to disregard it are subject to the consequences of that decision.

The first law I want to bring your attention to is this, “an object at rest will stay at rest unless acted upon by a force.” I’m starting here not just because it’s the first basic law but rather because it is important to understand that nothing will happen if nothing happens. Too many of us are sitting around wanting our lives to change when want is not a force that causes anything to move. Action is. Think about all the areas of your life that are not going anywhere. My suggestion to you is that the stagnation you’re experiencing is a direct result of how well you are resting in those places. GET UP! You have wasted enough time sleeping, the time has come to act. Your success and the success of the generations that will follow you require your action.

The second law of physics states that the rate of change in momentum is proportional to the force that is causing it. What makes you move? What are you pulled by? You will stay in a low impact swing unless you discover what causes you to go. You need a thrust in the right direction. If you haven't discovered a “Why” that enhances your momentum you’ll stay trapped in your current rhythm, or worse-- you will end up stopping all together. This law suggests that your current pace is determined by your force and wherever there is light force at work the result is a light swing. Your actions will always equal your results.

The last basic law at work in our lives is this, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” LISTEN!!! Y’all better act like you understand that WHATEVER you sow you will receive back. Whatever you do, multiplies. You are quite literally living in the harvest of what you’ve planted thus far. Understand where I’m going with this… I believe God to be the ultimate investor. As a result of His investment strategy, I believe this principle was birthed. You’ll get back, in increased measure exactly what you have planted. Before you do, say, think, or listen to anything, ask, is this something I want to see multiply or duplicated in my life. With every action you take or fail to take you are actually seeding into that destiny.

Like the above mentioned law, faith is also a law. One thing that I have found that keeps some of us sleep, or lightly swinging is the story we tell ourselves. One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is the gift of a changed mind. Some of us need to change the way we playback what happened to us so that something new can happen through us. It is our thoughts concerning our circumstances that determines our power to transform our circumstance. You may not be able to control the past, however you can control how you think of it. A shift in thinking will ultimately shift your experiences and allow you to move forward out of your now place, and live abundantly in your next.


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